Online Shopping Trends

Regularly, more-and-more retailers make the move to online selling, hence boosting the growth of online shopping. Also, entrepreneurs are getting the start with the help of e-commerce ventures. Due to the unexpected increase & the advent of 2020’s impact on e-commerce, this industry is escalating. E-commerce is an ever-changing industry and that is why nothing can be said about the growth of online shopping. Annually, various latest trends come up which can support the business growth & 2021 is no different. Are you still on the fence regarding the future of e-commerce? A few e-commerce trends will prove that online shopping is here to stay. 

Let’s take a look at the topmost 7 trends contributing to the growth of online shopping:

  1. Fulfillment emerges as the competitive differentiator – 

Customers gravitate to those brands which offer free, sustainable, and fast shipping. Also, it plays a major part in the growth of online shopping. The current brand has the 4-pronged fulfillment mandate i.e., quick, branded, free-of-cost, and sustainable shipping. So, build free-shipping thresholds for protecting profit margins as customers worldwide want instant delivery for e-commerce orders. Let’s talk about one of the most important online shopping growth statistics by the proprietary data from Shopify. It shows that the number of brands providing free shipping has enhanced 5.3% since the COVID-19 outbreak. So, transform fulfillment into a competitive benefit by putting inventory closer to the customers & automating returns. 

  1. Social E-commerce – 

Do you know what the recent online shopping growth statistics state? In 2020, almost 41% of consumers mentioned buying the same things online which they used to buy in-store. The native buying experiences on the social media platform provides buyers a smoother way to buy online. Rather than clicking at the 3rd-party site, users can buy right from the social media site or app. Today, social commerce is on the rise and plays a major role to boost the online shopping growth rate. This year, we witnessed the partnership between Shopify and TikTok and the expansion of Snapchat’s native stores for brands. Also, there has been an introduction to Facebook shops for enhancing the online shopping growth rate

  1. VR and AR experiences will impact e-commerce success – 

Product visualization diminishes returns and boosts sales. That is why nearly 90% of companies with yearly revenues ranging from $100 million- $1billion now utilize AR/VR technology. This technology offers optimal online shopping industry growth and serves as the extension of your brand experience. This is because it involves consumers in immersive environments & increases revenue. For instance, the app of Yamaha My Garage allows customers to accessorize official 3D motorcycle models. They can connect to the unique VR headset for inspecting the bike’s mechanics. Also, the virtual renders get to know about the sensors, fuel mixture, and engine status. This ultimately helps in its online shopping industry growth

  1. Headless commerce will be the “new normal” – 

An e-commerce platform that does not need the pre-designed storefront is called headless commerce. Now, this is one of the much-loved online shopping trends this year and so will be for 2021. Simply put, a conventional e-commerce model will always need continuous upgrades to both back and front-end systems. Now, it jumbles everything up into a huge mess & you are left with nothing but a severe headache. Now, this is where headless commerce emerges as among the best online shopping trends to watch out for in 2021. The architecture of this nature provides the brand’s independence of expression for building in whatever and however, they desire. 

  1. Voice commerce will get a major boost – 

Now, this is undoubtedly the top-notch market trend online shopping. Individuals are more-and-more relying upon voice assistant gadgets such as Amazon Echo with Alexa & Google Home with Google Assistant. It helps in doing everything, from waking people up to purchasing online products. Do you know that 75% of US households will adapt to this market trend online shopping by 2025? Moreover, voice e-commerce sales are supposed to attain $40 billion by 2022. Another reason why this is on the rise is because of the technology’s growing convenience and accuracy. Furthermore, both Amazon and Google are pushing the regional languages into this growing trend of online shopping

  1. Mobile shopping will be more popular – 

Mobile commerce’s growth has been exceptional. Since 2016, sales generated through mobile gadgets have enhanced by 15%. By 2021’s end, 73% of e-commerce sales will occur on the mobile gadget. These figures and this growing trend of online shopping is something that can’t be ignored. Refining the e-commerce experience for mobile customers can be a great chance for firms to tap into. E-commerce growth has been driven partly by the boost in the utilization of mobile devices. One of the most popular online shopping trends is browsing or researching before making up your mind about the purchase. As reliability in online purchasing is enhancing, customers feel comfier buying on mobile devices than ever before. 

  1. Retention will become the top priority due to the boost in acquisition rates – 

Brands experiment with the latest channels due to the increment in uncertainty of digital advertising. Now, this is what has become among the most well-known online shopping trends. Consumer acquisition rates are enhancing across the globe throughout channels with rates on Facebook rebounding to the pre-pandemic highs. Internationally, regulators and consumers are wary of the big tech. This is what prompts Apple and Google to consider making it tougher for targeting ads throughout channels. So, what are the latest online retail shopping trends? Well, to fight against increasing advertising uncertainty and acquisition costs, brands experiment with the latest channels such as voice-powered buying. Also, they are prioritizing rewarding and retention as they are among the best online retail shopping trends

The e-commerce world is continuously changing, so online vendors and e-tailers should evolve, as well. The buying power of customers is increasing globally and social media blurs the line between commerce and content. That is why businesses should recognize future e-commerce trends for staying ahead of the curve.

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