Best Products by Crosstex

Over the years, Crosstex has increasingly evolved to be among the world’s topmost infection prevention & control entities. Through the blend of strategic partnerships and acquisitions, it has become more vertically integrated. Moreover, it manufactures over 95% of the products by Crosstex Company in the USA. With its loyal customers and suppliers, it will consistently fulfill the role as an international leader of infection prevention items. The Company is committed to offering creative IP&C (Infection Prevention & Control) services and products for patients and caregivers. A lot of healthcare providers also use the best products by Crosstex for medical, dental, animal health, and industrial/life sciences. 

Now, let’s see the 9 best products by Crosstex to ensure your perfect dental and medical health:

1. Nasal Masks

A nasal mask covers your nose offering you an open vision field for the better independent feeling. Considered as one of the best Crosstex products, the mask helps patients in reading and even wearing the glasses. Its special tip-of-the-nose cushion is designed for sitting below your nose bridge for the minimum contact experience & premium seal. Since silicone is less visible, our silicone-made nasal masks do not draw attention to your face. These masks by dental supplies feel softer, look smaller as well as are more pliable. They get you closer to the feeling of a pillow and it becomes easier to sleep on the side. 

2. Cartridge

Crosstex leads the waterline category with the products’ family which make DUWL treatment effective, simple, safe, and reliable. The multi-award-winning DentaPure Cartridges by dental products have revolutionized DUWL through offering compliant, safe dental unit water for a year. Or else, 240 litres of water in case usage records are kept to either municipal waterline systems or bottle-based systems. Needless to say, it is among the much-needed Dental products in the 21st century. For a versatile and powerful liquid treatment for the bottle-based systems, the Liquid Ultra solution kills the biofilm bacteria.

3. Chemical Integrators

Chemical Integrators, also called integrating indicators, mimic response of the biological indicator. These medical products do it so intimately that they permit you for confidently releasing non-implant loads before receiving spore tests. The integrators offer instant feedback that the cycle parameters have been met. Also, they are manufactured without lead & other heavy metals. These chemical integrators can be co-related to the biological indicator performance. As among the most important products of Crosstex brand, they are tested to ISO 11140-1:2005 and ST-60 performance claims of Type 5 ones. Their 4-inch strip has different fail/pass criteria as well as permits for convenient removal from the packs. 

4. Enzymatic Detergents

Recently, this product has emerged as an effective way of removing organic stubborn debris like blood and protein-based stains. Also, these types of medical supplies remove mucus, fibrin, & triglyceride-based stains like fats and oils. Their storage is also a vital consideration and Crosstex perfectly knows it. It ensures to avoid storage in high humidity and high heat as this will disable enzymes, degrading the cleaning capability. In terms of relevant items by Crosstex Brand, enzymatic detergent is best to clean surgical instruments & anesthetic utensils. It is secure for utilization on the zinc, aluminum, non-ferrous metals & other sensitive materials. 

5. Custom Indicator Labels

They are utilized for their durability over time (outdoors/indoors), & for the resistance to UV light and chemical products. These industrial products are utilized for cautioning users & for information about rules, or for warning them of prospective hazards. It means that these labels require a precise and clear message & the high legibility level. Also, these industrial products should be adapted to the environment for matching the aesthetics of a location where they are put. Each of its sterilization labels is developed, tested & certified for withstanding harsh environments while exposed to the sterilization procedure. 

6. Twist Prophy Angle

Yes, the conventional rotary prophy angles might clean teeth. However, they are not one of the most reliable animal health products. Wondering why? It is because they tend to pull out the sensitive whiskers & muzzle hairs of your furry friend too. So, Crosstex brings you the first-and-only ergonomically made prophy angle with the 90-degree reciprocating “back & forth” rotating motion. This should be, undoubtedly, on your list of animal health products to buy. It prevents the catching of whiskers and muzzle hairs. Also, it offers consistent contact & pressure on the pet’s tooth surface for optimal cleaning efficiency without splatter. 

7. Lead-free steam indicator tapes

When it comes to effective medical products, how can you forget about the steam indicator tapes? The chemical indicator lines will become dark while exposed to the steam sterilization procedure. They are designed for usage with disposable and reusable wrappers. Also, lead-free ink refers to no dangerous waste issues. High-quality, trusted adhesive used in these medical supplies come with stretchable backing. Resultantly, it reduces tape “pop up” during sterilization. What’s more? They aren’t made with natural rubber latex and are packaged individually in 60-yard rolls & available in multiple widths. 

8. Disinfectant

This product by Crosstex safeguards workers through limiting exposure to the disinfectants. Besides, it has a low OPA percentage along with low vapour pressure. It has a 10-minute high-level manual disinfection time. This makes it quicker than any other OPA HLD’s in the current healthcare market of The US. Instant manual disinfection time offers at least 1 extra disinfection cycle for every 5 instruments reprocessed. Besides, the disinfectant by Crosstex is easy-to-use as no activation or mixing is required. It comes ready-to-use with 2-year unopened shelf life & 75 days once opened. 

9. Oral Health Toothbrush (Dental Supplies for the Animal)

The Oral Health Toothbrush by Crosstex comes with soft bristles for absolute pet comfort with the ergonomic handle. Use regularly for removing plaque & improving pet oral wellness. It prevents bad breath and supports cleaning your pet’s gums and teeth. As its brush comes with a long handle, this toothbrush makes cleaning quite easy. Needless to say, a top priority in terms of dog dental care is brushing. Your pup/cat should do it with this brush once regularly, & various days will boost the impacts of daily brushing. 

The Cantel Medical Company, Crosstex, has been making significant contributions to the healthcare community for more than 65 years. It does that by offering quality life sciences products, dental supplies, and medical products, etc. Crosstex designs and manufactures an extensive range of innovative infection prevention & compliance items for the International healthcare industry. So, the next time you look for top-notch life sciences products or any other dental/wellness item, choose the best products by Crosstex. You will get authentic items without having to pay a lot of bucks.

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