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9 Excellent Home Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Home’s Energy

Our homes are our sanctuary and it is a duty to preserve and bring good home energy into our lives. Decorating our homes is a major way to get started. The vibe we receive begins from the home we build. How many times have we looked around and have felt uplifted by the interiors? Or have been low because of the mess we are surrounded by? Especially in this pandemic, it is hard for us to pick up ourselves from the Monday blues. With the help of a few modern home decor ideas, you can refresh your home’s energy. Fortunately, these excellent decor ideas will prep you to refill your home’s energy for the year 2021.

  1. A Statement Wall

Our walls are the skin of our living space. It is what catches people’s eyes. A statement wall will help revive the energy of our homes. It will inspire interior home decor ideas. Statement walls become the foundation to modify the other parts of the house. It adds aesthetics and defines the entire mood of the house. This is cost-effective and brings a major change to the homes. There are several ways to do it. Wallpapers make it easy to recreate the walls as they can be changed from time to time. Paint on the other hand lets us use creativity and take matters into our own hands. Textured walls provide a way to impact the surroundings. 

  1. Treat Your Windows

Windows invite light and wind into our homes. They are like eyes to the world inside our homes. If you are a minimalist who likes to keep it simple, a plain white curtain will add to the luxury of wide living space. A double curtain is beautiful and useful. It is used to adjust the amount of light left inside the house. The inner layer is thin. It is used to let light inside our homes while protecting it from dust. The outer layer covers windows during the night. They will help with the melatonin cycle aiding in proper sleep and preparing is for the next day. This is part of the modern home decor ideas that immediately pop up to invite positive energy.

  1. Upgrade Your Throw Pillows

It is the tiny details that help us complete our major project. Paying attention to your throw pillows will help renew the home energy of your homes. It is advisable to add colour to the throw pillows while the sofa has a plain light hue. It is noticed by everyone in the house as people are always seated on the couch. They are a part of the interior home decor ideas people focus on.

If you are someone who loves the Western aesthetics you would probably fill the throw pillows with a bold colour contrasting to the ones on the couch. A more Indian way would be to add a combination of colours. From the ‘toran’ designs to block prints will add a colourful vibe to your homes.  Adding some little sequence of beads and mirrors will add more love to the interior. 

  1. Upgrade Your Bedding

Your bedding is the centrepiece to your bedroom. It is the resource to good sleep. A major upgrade is essential to bring life into the bedroom.   It is only fitting to say that the ‘hygge’ lifestyle works in giving a good sleep along with the essentials for a perfect lifestyle. The ‘hygge’ lifestyle works with calm and comforting colours. The mattress is made of natural products to provide comfort and coziness!

Keeping up with certain patterns will help bring in positive energy. Patterns add to good home decor ideas. These home designs will attract a piece of mind. Good bedding must welcome you home after a long and tiring day. What better way to upgrade your bedding than the ‘hygge’ style?

  1. Swap your Hardware

Let’s talk about hardware!  Changing the orientation of the objects will invite refreshing energy into your home. Your furniture takes up most of the space in the house. They determine the energy, style and livelihood. The minimalists usually prefer less hardware that serves them a multipurpose. Others prefer those that provide them with several compartments that can make it easy for them to assort their belongings.

Speaking of hardware, why not switch the cutlery to ceramics. Ceramics give you a sense of responsibility that will build strong energy in your homes. Another home decor ideas and tips would involve wooden ladles and spoons because they are eco-friendly and biodegradable. These little changes will add to a luxury kitchen that has all the utensils serving a purpose. 

  1. Declutter

When we talk of space we often think of adding materials that would bring us good vibes. Have you ever thought of removing items that might help good energy inside your house? Anything that no longer serves its purpose will hinder the positive energy from entering your home. Decluttering will remove the hindrance and make way for a better object that adds décor and brings good home energy. So toss out that piled up clothes you have kept reserved for the next year or that box of miscellaneous stuff you would one day make a craft with! 

  1. Create your Own Combination of Flowers

Flowers bring joy wherever they go. Decorating homes with flowers will fill homes with spirit. Flowers are souls that live with fragrance. A house with a plant becomes a home. These flowers can be in the form of potpourri-dried flowers or fresh flowers from the garden. Arranging them according to the home design and colour is an interesting puzzle for the mind. Flowers are welcoming and they become a sign of peace and love for the homes. They are a great modern home decor. 

  1. A Subtle Sound

Space in the yogic tradition refers to ‘sound’. The vibration produced will determine the sound in your surroundings. The vibe sets the mood to the life that lives inside the homes. A home of laughter will bring joy. Many people hang wind chimes for the subtle tingling sound they produce. The wind that carries the energy becomes music produced by nature. Musical instruments help induce some refreshed home energy.

  1. Light Up Your Living Space

Nothing like a good vintage chandelier that does the job of giving light! The chandelier lights up the entire home. A simple chandelier can go a long way in providing good lighting. They can be as complicated with fine details or as simple as a vase-shaped lamp. 

A modern home decor idea used by many western citizens like chandeliers is scented candles. Those who do not have access to fresh flowers use scented candles to light up their living space and refresh their homes with a sweet fragrance.

Those are nine excellent home décor ideas that help refresh your home’s energy. You can follow them with your own twist on the style.

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