Accessories Buying Guide

Are you stuck at Claire’s page, not knowing which one to choose? Here is an ultimate accessories buying guide to choosing the right accessory for you based on your dress choice. Remember that choosing the right accessory can help to highlight your beauty and the dress’s style.

Do not Overcrowd

Understandably, every product on Claire’s page is mesmerizing. However, bombarding your attire with too many accessories can be a downfall. Experts recommend wearing a maximum of 4 large accessories. When choosing multiple accessories for the same dress, select the ones of similar style, color, and material. It takes too much precision if you try to mix and match. If you do not get the right balance, it will look too awkward. Thus, it is best to choose matching accessories.

Do not Cover one Accessory with Another

Say, you are choosing to wear a necklace from Claire’s product line. Do not cover it up with a large scarf. No accessory should dull out or cover another accessory. Thus, if your coat has a large collar or you are wearing a scarf, focus on bracelets and watches. There is no point in wearing the best necklace and closing it up with your scarf.

Handbag and Shoes

The trend of matching handbags and shoes is obsolete now. It is time to have a contrasting tone between your shoes and handbag. Remember that both the accessories should complement your dress style and color. If you want to make a bold statement, wear a bright colored shoe and contrasting handbag in a light tone. Clutches are for grand events where you need an accessory to compliment your dress. If you are going for a casual look, try handbags.

Cloth vs. Accessories

If you choose a bright set of Claire’s products, the dress should be in muted colors, and vice versa. If you want to emphasize more on both the dresses and accessories, everything will look bombarding. If you are wearing a formal evening dress, you can choose bracelets instead of watches. You can forgo this rule if you are planning to wear designer watches with a grand look.


A tiny golden chain might not be the right choice for a dressy evening look. If you are planning for a subtle look at a gallery, the same chain will make a statement. If you are choosing an accessory for a formal event, always remember that less is best. Go for any standout piece or a single large accessory to compliment your dress. If you are planning a dress for a sparkling event, choose a couple of accessories, go for a striking color attire, fabulous heel, and gloves, too, if you decide for a complete look.

Match Gloves too

If you choose a yellow accessory from Claire’s online site, remember to match it with similar gloves, shoes, belts, or lipstick. This combination will help your outfit to look in harmony and not stand out awkwardly. If you watch to add a sophisticated look, go for a bracelet or a large bangle. A full-sleeve dress would make bracelets or bangles, an overkill.

Ethnic Accessories

If you choose ethnic accessories from Claire’s online page, pair it with a muted or neutral-colored outfit. If you wear bright outfits with beads and thread-based accessories, your accessories will get muted and unappealing.


It is best to have neutral footwear so that it will not clash with the Claire’s accessories you choose. Standard footwear to choose are white sneakers, brown and black boots, nude heels, statement footwear, and black flat.


While using jewelry from Claire’s page, remember to add chandelier earrings, statement necklace, bangles, watch, hoop earrings, pendant necklace, and a few sparkly ones. Should I wear them as a set or as single ornaments? Well, if your set has small accessories, it is best to wear them as a set. If your set has larger accessories, you can choose to cut short an item or two. If you have short fingers, it is best to avoid large rings. A thin ring will enhance the length of your finger.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are the best ways to create a personal look with ease. It helps you to create a wide range of signature looks. Choose silk-based accessories or sparkly ones from Claire’s online shopping page for a simple but luxurious look. If you are looking for a simpler look, a clutch or clip would be sufficient. If you are choosing a hat, remember to match it with the season and event.


If you are wearing an ethnic dress or classy attire, it is best to choose a lavish and large earring, preferably one that matches your necklace. If you are choosing a casual or formal look, select lightweight funky ones. If you are wearing a set, it is crucial to use the earring that came with the set to have a complete and elegant look.

Accessories Right for You

Your physical look also determines the right style of accessories to choose for the event. If you have a petite structure, an oversized bag or accessory could be bombarding. If you have a larger frame, it is best to choose larger jewelry to create a balanced look, instead of delicate items. If you are going for a sophisticated look, a monochrome accessory and dress selection would be elegant. If you are looking for a lively tone, go for patterns, bold contrasts, and complementary accessories.

If you are shopping for accessories for the very first time, it is easier to get confused. So, we prepared this accessories buying guide for your better understanding of the accessories. Check out the products at Claire’s UAE online shopping page. Match it with your outfit to create an overall look. If you are still confused, it is best to choose a complete set of small accessories to go with an outfit. Sometimes, it is easier to select accessories to complement your structure. Large accessories will make you look slim, and large accessories will give your body a good structure. The trends change from season to season and keep in touch with the fashion world to know the trend.

This accessories buying guide will surely help you selecting the right accessories to highlight your personality, beauty and the dress’s style.

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