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Awesome Tips to Identify Originals from Fake Beauty & Cosmetic Products

It’s no hidden secret that those high-end Maybelline New York beauty & cosmetic products are counterfeited frequently. We head to a store and use some testers prior to buying the most suitable makeup products for ourselves. Sometimes, it’s tough to recognize the fake and the original cosmetics. It is truly difficult to understand whether you are buying original foundation makeup, eye makeup, lipsticks or not. If you purchase a fake copy of the famous cosmetics such as Maybelline New York, it can only make you feel much upset and fooled. 

Moreover, nobody recommends buying makeup kits that are fake in certain aspects as it can surely pose a real threat to your health. Many of us have sensitive skins with some dangerous skin allergies. Nobody wants to compromise with their skin right? Choosing one of the best makeup kits from renowned brands like Maybelline New York will surely help you out with the threat. To avoid these fake cosmetics scam, we have mentioned here some of the best tips that are going to assist you in keeping your Maybelline New York beauty & cosmetic products collection free of any counterfeit. Desertcart has some more tips to identify originals from fake cosmetic products.

1. Purchase Cosmetics from Authorized Retailers

We are suggesting here something which might seem obvious, but it’s worth considering. It may astonish you a little, but even the hefty stores like Maybelline New York Company can sell knock-offs. However, to avoid such bad surprises, just do not hesitate to reach out to the manufacturer’s site to check the retailer’s list where you can buy authentic makeup products.

We all know that designer cosmetics from Maybelline New York Company is quite expensive. Eventually, sometimes the official retailers do sell out their lipsticks, foundation makeup, or eye makeup at lesser prices. Providing extremely heavy discounts may be the signs that those makeup products are fake. Authentic cosmetics cannot be sold at a discount of around 80%. Sadly, a huge price is not just always a guarantee of good quality. So, before buying anything, go ask an assistant to show you a quality certificate. Moreover, if they deny doing this, do not buy that product.

2. Pay Little Attention to the Product Packaging

There are some serious spots that are quite tough to view. A way to make sure that you are getting the exact thing is to reach the manufacturer’s website. Then, look if the product you are searching for is exactly the same as the image online shown to you.

Maybelline New York Products have everything that you need to know in their packaging. They have mentioned everything of the correct colour, size, or packaging. However, it’s not a great idea to weigh the product in the store and you will get more on packaging at Desertcart. But, you can easily spot a fake one by just holding it in your hand. 

3. Check the Serial Number, Barcode and Manufacturing Information

If you find the product is a fake one, then the initial 2 or 3 digits of the bar code might not really match the country which is listed on the packaging. Mostly, the serial number is found missing. So, before you purchase anything, ensure that the serial number on the product matches easily the number on the box. Moreover, authentic products always have some ingredients which are mentioned in them and you can read about these authentic products on Desertcart. Some genuine high-end Maybelline New York Products often offer their customers additional information in various languages. If you find a little introduction about the product on its packaging, then consider it as authentic.

4.  Check the Products Shades

There are some fake lipsticks, blushes, eye makeup, foundation makeup, powders which are frequently produced in certain shades which are not used in authentic products. If you want to avoid fake products, then go to the manufacturer’s website to view which colours of every makeup product are real. Desertcart has the complete guide for checking these aspects like lipsticks and eye makeup shades.

5. Pay Attention to the Consistency and Smell

Authentic cosmetics should not have any sort of strange substances or some inappropriate sparkles in them. Certain creamy cosmetics should not be segregated or involve some impurities. There are fake lipsticks that seem less attractive and have some imperfections. So, a real designer mascara always has a little light pleasant fragrance to it. If your product has a bad odour or mostly perfumes, then consider it as not authentic. Moreover, the wand of that fake mascara might seem strange from its authentic counterpart. Maybelline New York Brand offers you that special consistency and smell.

6. Check Sponges and Brushes

If you find the packaging of a counterfeit product looks pretty same to the real thing, you can surely spot a fake issue by looking at the sponges and brushes. They all might differ in shape, size, or colour and details like these are available on Desertcart. You may also find the quality not very satisfactory. But, Maybelline New York Brand completely provides you with some amazing sponges and brushes.

7. Test Makeup Products Before Purchasing

Do not really hesitate to try those cosmetic testers being provided in the stores. Just remember, some high-quality eye-shadows and blushes should not really smear during your day. A real lipstick should forever apply evenly and smoothly. Try Maybelline New York beauty & cosmetic products to test before buying any cosmetics and find more on Desertcart.

So, we have mentioned above some amazing tips to identify originals from the fake beauty and cosmetics products. You just need to focus on a few aspects of the product and then you are good to go. There are certain things like serial number, packaging, testing products and many more to make original purchase. You can purchase authentic Maybelline New York products from Desertcart. Brands like Maybelline New York are there to assist you in getting an original product of your choice. You will get more information about Maybelline New York Brand on Desertcart.

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