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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the One You Love?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated by lovers across the world on February 14th every year. This day is quite special and gives people an opportunity to shower their loved ones with tokens of love and affection. It is an occasion for romantic couples to express their love in several ways. Love is an intense emotion that can be both physically and emotionally captivating, involving intimacy, commitment, and passion, although it need not always be in the romantic form. Perspectives of people on love may vary, but it is undoubtedly a feeling that brings a lot of joy and is thus worth celebrating.

This day gives us the opportunity to celebrate and express our deep love and commitment to our loved ones. This day is widely known as Valentine’s Day and is celebrated all over the world. The entire month of February is quite different and romantic too. The weather is chill and suddenly everything seems magical as hormones go overdrive. This article will give you some great ideas to plan and create some amazing moments along with special valentine’s day 2022 gifts.

A Brief History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the globe with a lot of enthusiasm and fervor. This day got its name after a popular Catholic priest who had lived in Rome during the early third century. There are many interesting stories about this priest whose name was Saint Valentine. In some of the popular versions of the stories, it is mentioned that he had given up his life for the sake of uniting couples who were in love.

The stories surrounding him have grown over time to make him a well-known legend and a flag bearer of true love. Saint Valentine was executed on the 14th of February in AD 269 for conducting the weddings of soldiers which was not permitted during those times. Hence that day has been celebrated as a symbol of true love every year.

How do People Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

During the early 18th century, people started giving gifts, especially in England and America. This day has been very popular and is celebrated by millions of people around the globe. People celebrate love and spend the day together making it a very romantic and blissful experience. Presently the entire valentine’s week is celebrated with a lot of fun and passion.

This significant season is associated with romance, flowers, cards, gifts, candies, red hearts, chocolates, and other fancy items. Several couples also go on romantic dates to celebrate this special day and make it memorable. Many people eagerly make meticulous plans and also seek some interesting ideas regarding buying the best gifts for Valentine’s week.

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s time to express your love to your beloved in the most wonderful way this Valentine’s Day. Giving special gifts on Valentine’s Day makes it even more memorable and eventful. The Valentine’s Day celebrations start one week ahead of February 14th. You can plan well to create magical moments that can be cherished for a lifetime. It is a smart idea to grab every opportunity in order to strengthen the bonds of love and affection with your beloved one.

So express your love in the most thoughtful way to show that you really love and care for that special someone. You can choose to buy the best Valentine’s gifts online to find a wide variety of stuff that can be easily delivered to the doorstep of your loved one. So, celebrate this special Valentine’s Day 2022 in a spectacular way to showcase your lovely intentions in the best possible way.

Valentine’s Day has always been a great day for lovers around the globe. People exchange thoughtful gifts to express their romantic love and togetherness in a special way. So just go ahead and surprise your lover with some of the best Valentine’s gifting ideas mentioned below.

  • Flowers

A bouquet of flowers has always been one of the greatest gifts couples give each other on Valentine’s Day. It is a common practice to give flowers and special red roses are the most special flowers bought during this romantic season. You can give a heart-shaped arrangement of red roses or a beautiful bouquet. Red roses have always been associated with love for ages. Most women generally love flowers and this decision would always be the right one.

  • Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are very thoughtful and unique and show your true love, romance, and dedication towards the love of your life. It can be a memorable framed photograph or special romantic messages or the name of your lover engraved on a keychain, etc. You can easily find a plethora of unique personalized gifts like printed cushions, table lamps, mugs with photographs, mobile covers, cards, and other romantic gifts.

  • Photo Frames

Surprise your loved one with one of their favorite photographs that have been framed beautifully. You can choose from a wide range of frames available that come in different materials and designs to make it look truly unique and valuable. A nice photo frame on the side table or hanging on the wall is a beautiful reminder of the great times you have had together. Seeing this will always bring a smile to your face.

  • Plants

This is the best gift you can give to a plant lover. A plant can symbolize peace and growth in any relationship. Choose from a wide variety of plants like money plants (pothos), lucky bamboo, bonsai trees, jade plant, peace lily, or even a flowering rose plant to make it even more special. Caring for these plants will make the experience, even more, sweeter as you care for your relationship. It is truly worth all the time and effort.

  • Special Valentines Gift Basket

Sending a perfect gift basket to someone you truly love is definitely a great idea. You can fill the gift basket with all the goodies the person loves including snacks, chocolates, cakes, flowers, and other interesting things. Show that you really care by making it more personalized and truly special. You can also give spa materials, cosmetics, perfumes, and other interesting things in a gift basket.

  • Accessories as Gifts

There are many interesting accessories that can be given as wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts. You can choose to give a diary, handbags, belt, earrings, rings, chains, perfumes, bangles, watches, wallets, etc. Choose the perfect one to make it very special and lovable.

  • Thoughtful Experiential Gifts

There are many incredible romantic ideas that can help you to spend quality time with your beloved one. A simple candle night dinner, movie date, poolside lunch, a romantic getaway at a resort on the beach or the mountains, etc can make your valentine celebration truly special.

Best Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day is a time to go all out and please the women you love the most. Apart from the regular chocolate and flowers, you can also choose other interesting things to make it more meaningful and memorable. Valentine’s week gifts for her can include personalized gifts, her favorite bottle of wine, and other interesting things like body butter, massage candles, cozy slippers, bath bombs, perfumes, handbags, smartwatch, mobiles, romantic cards with handwritten messages, etc. If the person has more specific interests like reading, gardening, traveling, music, etc; then try to ensure that you can add these ideas into your overall planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Best Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Pamper that special man in your life with some of the best Valentine gifts for men. You can gift a playful, sensual, romantic, thoughtful, and practical gift that will make him smile. Some men may like to get a customized boxer short with their name or initials embroidered or a personalized beer mug, beautiful cuff-links, smartwatch, leather belt, wallet, tool kit, perfumes, etc. It can also be a cool T-Shirt, Jeans, or a Bluetooth headset or speaker if they love music.

The Valentine Week (7th to 14th Feb)

These days Valentine’s Day is not celebrated on a particular day but it is celebrated for an entire week. There are different days and each day signifies something specific and special. Indeed there are seven days that eventually lead to February 14th, which is the culmination of the week-long Valentine’s celebration. People also plan to give special Valentine’s week gifts. The following are the 7 day valentine’s gifts ideas and their significance.

  • Rose Day – Begin Your Relationship With a Rose

Valentine’s Day celebrations start with rose day and partners give beautiful red roses to each other. This is considered to be an act of love. It can also be given as a pretty bouquet. A fresh red rose has always been associated with love and romance since time immemorial. Find the best and freshest rose to gift to your loved one. You need to ensure it is the perfect shade of red color and can also be a budding rose just about to bloom.

  • Propose Day – Express Your Heartfelt Love

This is the second day of celebration when the lovers propose to their partner in their own unique and romantic way. Special gifts and mementos can be exchanged along with love letters and Valentine’s day cards. Listen to your heart and finalize your plan to make the ultimate decision. Propose your dear one with a smile and loads of confidence. Do it right to make it one of the best and most memorable events of your life.

  • Chocolate Day – The Taste of Love

This is the third day of Valentine’s week and chocolates are offered as a symbolic representation of sweetness being the crux of the love life. Choose from the wide range of chocolate gift boxes that are easily available online in desertcart and can be directly delivered to the love of your life. You can opt for some of the top global chocolate brands like Lindt, Cadbury, or Godiva to thrill and pamper your partner.

  • Teddy Day – An Adorable Gifting Day

Most girls find teddy bears to be very adorable. Hence it becomes more significant to give a beautiful teddy bear on teddy day. You can easily find a plethora of such cute and cuddly soft toys available online. Choose the right size and color that your partner loves and surprise her with this cute and thoughtful gift.

  • Promise Day – A Commitment to Love Forever

Shower your dear one with a promise day gift of a blissful life full of love, faithfulness, togetherness, and tender moments. Make it a very memorable and eventful day. You can use beautiful Valentine’s Day quotes to make it more meaningful and special. Make a promise to love and cherish each other for a lifetime.

  • Hug Day – The Warmth of Love

This is the sixth day of the celebration where lovers embrace each other in unison and promise each other to embark on a beautiful journey together. Couples can choose to give memorable mementos and gifts to make this day special. A hug can set many things right and will deepen the bonds and make the relationship even stronger.

  • Kiss Day – Seal it with a Kiss

This day is celebrated on the 13th of February and couples kiss each other to highlight the purest representation of love. They can give chocolates, flowers, or anything else to make it more unique and special. Kiss each other passionately to express love, romance, and feelings in a blissful and magical way.

  • Valentine Day – The Ultimate Day for Lovers of All Kinds

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February every year. It has always been considered a special day to celebrate love, commitment, and understanding between lovers. Young people are always on the lookout to find the right person with whom they can spend the rest of their life blissfully.


There are no hard and fast rules or defined processes to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can celebrate it in your own unique way and get some ideas and inspiration from this article. In fact, love need not be expressed on just one day alone; it has to be expressed each day by using caring words and doing good and thoughtful deeds. Maintaining a good relationship takes a lot of time, energy, and effort. Mutual understanding and a true concern for each other are also very essential to make the relationship work. So gear up to celebrate Valentine’s week this year in a unique and special way with best valentine’s days gifts and make it an unforgettable experience in your life.

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