Ecommerce Sales Growth in UAE

The Middle East e-commerce sector is growing at a fast rate. It is reaching up to 69B USD in 2021 that means it has doubled its size in a few years. The Gulf Cooperation Council region is considered as the powerhouse driving the eCommerce sales growth, with UAE being a trailblazer of the eCommerce sector. It pulls a general growth of the region to the CAGR of 11%.

E-commerce Retail Sales Statistics

eCommerce Sales growth in the UAE is expected to rise 23% to US$27 billion in the year 2022. The projection comes off the back of an accelerated COVID-induced shift in the shopping behavior. More individuals experienced the convenience of purchasing online during the lock down. They limited the physical trips to the physical outlets in the interest of safety and health as the outbreak continues. 

We expect such eCommerce sales growth in UAE particularly since there is an obvious shift in consumers’ trends & behavior after the pandemic. Moreover, the Emirates realizes this mostly through the high digital penetration, digital natives, & rising use of mobile wallets. And, 84% of surveyed customers consider that digital payments are highly secure over cash & 73% of online shoppers choose to pay by credit card. The new mobile payment methodologies drive growth rates of the eCommerce industry in the Middle East.

How Does E-commerce Increase Sales?

Today the online businesses have grown to a great level and that is why choosing the online site is of great help. As we know that e-commerce has increased a lot, that is one of the major reasons people are taking the best support they can by going online. With no doubt the market has been helpful in giving support to people online and that is one of the reasons people these days are choosing the online site so that they can get the chance to support their business. Growth in every company is important, which is one of the reasons new tools and techniques are to be adopted by each individual to bring on the required support for the business. client support is must in every business. 

Reach out to the Potential Customers

The primary objective of any business is to boost its online revenue generation activities. And one sure way of doing this is by efficiently reaching out to potential clientele. There are numerous ways of implementing such strategy including –

  • Set up an aggressive ad campaign & marketing campaigns of your products such as offering useful content, SEO, pay per click, print, or even re-marketing ads based on customary market trends.
  • Provide reasonable incentives to the existing clients for mentioning your products/services to their friends via the platform you deem suitable like social media networks.

Fostering the Customer Loyalty

You can also boost your business’s existing customers’ sales volume. Most of the businesses often concentrate on gaining new customers, & sadly overlook the existing customers. There are numerous ways to boost revenue from such a source, & fortunately, a lot of them claim low investments.

  • Product re-marketing is the dynamic tool for realizing more sales via existing clientele. One of the humblest ways of doing this by upholding the informative & captivating e-mail newsletter subscription services for your customers. Such a newsletter should frequently contain competitive promotions for your numerous products or services, mainly focusing on the popular ones.
  • You can also launch your blog that can go a long way in informing the numerous aspects of your specified niche, & of course the products/services you offer.
  • Set up the client loyalty package which rewards your regular clientele for their patronizing your products/services. It can include offering competitive discounts when their purchases succeed a certain limit and even simple after-sale services such as free shipping of products/services. This not only ensures that these customers spend more but also reductions the probability of them shopping somewhere else.

Reach out to the Diversified Audience

Another worthwhile retail eCommerce sales strategy is increasing your targeted market.

  • It includes targeting the e-commerce market in UAE by incorporating your business’s website content in the proper versions. This will immediately arouse the interest of locals of your particular state, and customizing your products/services to their predominant needs; guarantees massive e-commerce revenue growth.
  • In addition, integrating your website to mobile devices platform can also be a great way of reaching out to the new & bludgeoning market which most pundits tip to succeed regular web platform.

Venture to the Cross-channel Marketing

Lastly, for the best e-commerce in UAE with both physical & online stores cross-channel marketing can expressively boost sales volumes. One of the well-organized ways of doing this is by enabling the service where clienteles can purchase a product online & claim it at a physical shop. Most online consumers favor such an arrangement due to its ease.

Online Language Preferences

The unifying link between these otherwise diverse countries is the shared common language – Arabic. According to the Internet World Stats, Arabic is seventh largest internet language. It boast almost 60 million users & representing approximately 4.2% of the entire internet population. However, Arabic content online represents only about 0.5% of the global online content. It leads to a significant gap between supply & demand. There is a need to meet the demand for the global online content & to reach Arabic-speaking end-user. It is suggested that global online marketers optimize at least some content in Arabic, & have an Arabic language landing page.

Search Engine Profile

Search engines in the UAE region can be profiled as – Google, Yahoo, & MSN Live. Across the board, these are the top search engines in UAE, although individual rankings vary from country to country. According to Alexa, while Google occupies the top spot in UAE and Qatari internet users prefer Yahoo. So, organizations wishing to optimize their pages would need to submit their websites to all search engines for maximum results.

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E-Commerce Sales in the UAE to Rise to Multifold in 2021

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