Behavior in Online Shopping

In this modern world of high technology, a booming population, and easy and accessible internet, tasks of our quotidian life such as official work, academics, business, and shopping have now been made available on the virtual platform. The worldwide web connects the world as a whole. It is a prerequisite to be tech-savvy in this generation to keep up with the world. With the birth of applications such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc., humanity can now shop with just a click of their finger. Online shopping has now become the norm, while the traditional way of shopping out of the comfort of our homes is becoming latent and antiquated. Hence, it is essential to elucidate and understand consumer buying behavior in online shopping.

    1. Financial Aspect:

      With cutthroat competition and ever-evolving marketing skills, companies and brands are in dire need of gaining an advantageous position in the world of e-commerce. Companies that offer a reasonable price to their customers are bound to rule the hierarchy of the online business. When the customer feels a sense of satisfaction in purchasing a reasonably priced product, it increases the chances of further purchases from the particular brand or company. Behavior in online shopping might be unpredictable, but there is nothing more enticing to the consumer than a sensible and sound price tag.

    2. Matter of Convenience:

      Studying online shopping behavior lends insight into the matter. As opposed to former years, the shopping experience of humanity has   become more and more convenient since the genesis of online shopping. The online market has been able to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the modern lifestyle. Humans preferred to buy in the comfort of their homes instead of standing in long queues and traveling from pillar to post, looking for the exact item they require. Upon investigating consumers’ buying behavior, we find that they are more inclined to shop regularly on online shopping sites that offer convenient searching, comparing, and purchasing options. Another potential risk consumers face during online shopping instead of offline shopping is the risk of being deceived.

    3. Product Quality:

      Product quality is one of the factors influencing consumer behavior. When people are well informed about the product in terms of its features, benefits, quality, brand, cost-effectiveness, they are more likely to purchase. When the product comes with a warranty and guarantee card, it helps earn the consumer’s trust and provides a pleasant shopping experience for the latter. Furthermore, pictures help give an idea of the product, which helps in evaluation and buying. Limited information hinders the process of speculation and evaluation of the product in question. It often leads to mistrust in the buyer’s mind. Evidence suggests a general preference to buy from a well-renowned brand rather than from retailers who merchandise those brand products online.

    4. Parameters of Delivery and Shipping Cost:

      Consumer behavior in online shopping is often dictated by home delivery availability and the cost charged for the same. Generally, the populace resorting to online shopping cannot venture out of their homes and expect the items to be delivered at their threshold. The flourishing of any online business is very much dependent on this. People are often put off by the prospect of nondelivery or hefty delivery charges.

    5. Psychological Causes:

      In a world with a teeming population and exacerbating mental health, some people often resort to ‘retail therapy’ to stave off their boredom and depression. Browsing through a plethora of websites and myriads of options instills a sense of freedom and control. This type of coping mechanism is relevant in millennials, but it is also found among the aged populace. Stress can often overwhelm us, and some of us are prone to make extravagant and prodigal purchases at home while browsing through these attractive and cost-effective products.

    6. Consumer-friendly Interface:

      As customers, people usually compare between all the possibly available products. Online platforms should devise and implement a consumer-friendly interface to ensure a smooth shopping experience for the masses. Quick and straightforward navigation grabs the attention and interest, leading to purchasing the product in question.

    7. Special Options, Offers, and Policies:

      More often than not, consumers have a particular item in mind when they seek to purchase online. Bombarding them with unnecessary and irrelevant recommendations will surely irritate the customer. On the other hand, heavy discounts offer to excite them and intensifies their urge to purchase. Festivities and holiday seasons witness a rapid spike in online shopping. Online consumer shopping behavior responds most positively to offers and discounts, which lures them into making a worthwhile purchase.

    8. Process of Purchase:

      Online shopping allows for payment through cash on delivery credit, debit card, and net banking. While purchasing,  people are concerned about their privacy and are afraid of sharing their card and bank details. But with the growth of trustworthy brands and business companies, which ensure customer privacy, people can easily make purchases without having the hassle of carrying cash. Easy and swift payment methods of transaction positively impact online shopper behavior.

    9. Reviews, Reputation, and Rank:

      Popular online businesses influence online consumer shopping behavior. More significant amounts of positive reviews in surveys, questionnaires entice the masses and thus earn their trust. This bond of faith makes them buy more often and regularly.

    10. Developmental Differences:

      This is one of the myriad factors influencing online shopping behavior. Developed Nations boast a high rate of online shopping compared to the developing nations. Literacy is often a significant factor that contributes to the growth of online shopping.


Especially in this current situation of the pandemic, e-commerce has reached skyrocketing heights, and now it is significantly easier to study online shopping behavior. Apart from sales maximizing protocols and enticing options to lure customers, online shopping has evolved at a breakneck speed which has molded itself to the comforts and circumstances of present human life.

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Behavior in Online Shopping: Factors Influencing online shopping Behavior
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Behavior in Online Shopping: Factors Influencing online shopping Behavior
The Internet has eliminated critical industry limits and made shopping more open. Lets check factors influencing behavior in online shopping.
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