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Four Reasons To Why People Prefer Green Cross Sanitizer

Keeping your hands clean is the first preventive measure for a long list of diseases and infections. It is not possible to find running water everywhere, and thus, the demand for hand sanitizer is high. However, people find several hand and general sanitizer brands in the market with varying flowery taglines with no proper metrics or checklist to compare. It is why there are numerous phony or unreliable brands of sanitizers out there. 

The problem with such ineffective sanitizers is not just about unclean hands or surfaces. The solution might be toxic, or it would even have a harmful reaction on the skin. To avoid all these, people rely on reputed brands like Green Cross. Here are some of the primary reasons why hand sanitizers from Green Cross are getting more attention and are very reliable.

Alcohol Content

First of all, let us burst a myth about the alcohol content in the sanitizer. Yes, alcohol is the primary ingredient that helps to denature the germs. But, 100% or 99% alcohol is not effective. A sanitizer with a very high amount of alcohol gets quickly evaporated (waste of the product), and the effectiveness is very low. Water is also an essential ingredient. 100% alcohol cannot effectively kill germs. It needs water to denature the protein (germs) found in the skin. Any sanitizer between 40 and 80% of alcohol content would be effective. For such an efficient sanitizer, you can choose Green Cross alcohol sanitizers

Secondary Ingredients  

The Green Cross alcohol is not just reliable for the alcohol content, but also the secondary components. There are numerous product types under this brand with different secondary ingredients. Moisturizer is the secondary ingredient found is almost all reputed brands of sanitizers, including Green Cross. Why is it important? Moisturizer helps improve the alcohol’s efficiency to kill germs and reduce the drying effect (a disadvantage of prolonged use of hand sanitizer). 

Type of Products

Green Cross uses two types of alcohol for sanitizers; Ethyl alcohol and Isopropyl alcohol. Moreover, it offers an array of different concentrations of alcohol content too. If you are looking for a sanitizer for cleaning hands and other parts that are quite dirty (not visibly soiled), it is best to choose 60 to 70 % alcohol content. If the surface is visibly dirty or greasy, it is best to clean with water (with or without soap) before using the sanitizer.

If you are looking for sanitizer, which is effective enough to kill germs and yet, has a less drying effect on the skin, it is best to go with low alcohol content sanitizers (40%). You can find a wide range of sanitizers with the Green Cross Alcohol brand. Thus, this brand has a product for everyone in your family.


Green Cross alcohol is one of the very few reputed brands, which provide hypoallergenic sanitizers. Since sanitizers have alcohol, it disturbs the pH level of the sin, making it more vulnerable to different allergens, which would activate the immune response. Common allergic reactions to sanitizers are reddening of the skin, cracking, peeling, blisters, and itching. If you have allergic reactions, you ought to use hypoallergenic sanitizers or non-alcohol based sanitizers. According to studies, alcohol-based sanitizers are more effective than non-alcohol based sanitizers. Thus, the best option is to choose Green Cross hypoallergenic products.

Avoid allergic reactions and keep your family safe from germs by choosing Green Cross sanitizers.

5-hours Long Protection

Green Cross’s Sanitizers and gels offer 5-hours long protection from germs by forming a protective covering over the skin surface. Plus, their ranges of sanitizers do not let the smell fade away just within a few minutes, but keeps the aroma intact for long hours. Hence, your hands will smell fresh and remain clean using their sanitizers, which is a very good characteristic of a pure grade sanitizer.

Spray Feature

Green Cross’s sanitizer gels additionally accompany a spray bottle for those who prefer spray over tube. This ensures lesser contact of germs on the surface of the container itself that can spread further from there. There are a very few sanitizer selling companies who genuinely care for prevention of spread of germs and this feature clearly depicts Green Cross is one of them.

Dermatologically Tested

Green Cross’ sanitizers are non-drying unlike other alcoholic sanitizers that dry out the skin. Their sanitizers also offer a persistent protection from germs through chlorhexidine gluconate; a substance used globally as a pre-surgical soap to kill microbes. 

No-sting Sanitizer

Green Cross’ sanitizers are manufactured with No-Sting germ protection that provides protection using natural ingredients like:

  1. Tea tree oil offers 99.9% antibacterial protection to fight with bacteria and diseases
  2. Aloe vera extracts infused in the Green Cross sanitizers help soothe the skin, prevents stings, and also moisturizes your skin. It’s no-sting formula topped with hypoallergenic quality and dermatologist approval makes Green Cross Gentle Protect Sanitizer perfect for use as an everyday cleanser and hygienic product for families with infants and children.

Reliable Brand

Green Cross is a profoundly consumer-focused and committed brand that keeps a constant focus on meeting the health needs of millions of FMCG consumers worldwide ever since it was established in 1952. Acknowledging the importance of home and personal hygiene and sanitation, Green Cross started its product line with a variety of noteworthy hygienic brands to cater to the health needs of individuals across the globe. Since its establishment of about 70 years, Green Cross have shown extreme hard work, determination, and excellent consumer-focused strategies to establish themselves as a common name in every household.

Today, Green Cross has extended its market to the Middle East, UK, UAE, and the USA with the top sanitation and hygiene products in their inventory. Today the company competitively offers products in categories like Health and Hygiene, Personal Care, and Fabric & Homecare, sidewise striving to set benchmarks in the health FMCG industry. Owing to its versatile product line and their unbreakable reputation of around 70 years, their sanitizers will be the best choice for you.

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