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Get Rid of Tobacco and Get Al Fakher Herbal Shisha

The general method of getting out of tobacco practice is by taking up nicotine-based smoking options. However, people do not understand that nicotine also comes with its list of health problems and addiction. Thus, Al Fakher offers herbal shisha for those who want to get out of their nicotine and tobacco habit, and yet experience smoking.

Al Fakhers Shisha items have eventually broken the shackles of tobacco and are accessible in a wide assortment of tobacco free shisha choices. You would now be able to smoke hookah without the tobacco or the buzz, and still produce monstrous clouds of flavor. It’s conceivable to be away from the expenses and limitations of tobacco and appreciate a decent hookah meeting without all the difficulties.

Whether you need to appreciate hookah without the negative impacts of tobacco or might want to dodge the inconveniences of transportation tobacco globally, tobacco-free natural shisha is a phenomenal method to get the smoking pleasure you have been wanting.

Every one of these brands use every single common component like genuine natural real fruit  to make a verdant base like the cut of tobacco leaves. You won’t need any exceptional hardware as these flavors would all be able to be appreciated like any conventional shisha tobacco. Throw in a bowl and get smoke coals, we’re going HERBAL.

What is Herbal Shisha?

The use of herbal shisha from Al Fakher is quite similar to tobacco-based hookah products. However, instead of nicotine or tobacco, the herbal shisha contains sugarcane and other natural products with added flavors. Al Fakher shop’s shisha tobacco items comprise a blend of finely slashed tobacco leaves, shisha tobacco and food-safe flavorings. The tobacco is accessible in various flavors, for example, two fold apple, grape, mint, cherry, strawberry, and cola as well as it is accessible on four mainlands and in 34 districts.

The flavored herbal shisha from the Al Fakher store offers herbal hookahs which are 100% Tobacco Free, 100% Nicotine Free, and 100% Tar Free. It offers the smoothest, longest, and most agreeable smoking experience accessible. Smokers can try the healthy side of smoking with tasty flavors like grape, blueberry, orange mint, apple, gum mint, instead of nicotine based hazardous smoking products.

Ingredients of Herbal Shisha

Al Fakher products contain sugarcane, honey, glycerin, tea leaves, molasses, and flavoring agents. The flavoring agents depend on the type of flavor you look for, like grape, apple, etc. The glycerin allows the user to experience smoke like traditional hookah to inhale and exhale. 

Yes, herbal shisha contains molasses, but not tobacco. It is from sugarcane and is not harmful. If you still wish to use tobacco based molasses with flavoring agents to get a traditional smoking experience, you can find such products at Al Fakher shop too. The brand caters to both herbal and traditional smokers alike. Unlike some brands, Al Fakher products have a distinct indication of whether it is non-tobacco or tobacco products. 

Is Herbal Shisha Safe? 

Herbal shisha does not contain nicotine and tobacco. However, not all brands of herbal shisha are safe. If you wish to choose a safer smoking option, it is best to choose reliable products. Visit Desertcart to enquire about Al Fakher price for an authentic product. What is the difference? Some namesake brands would add trace amounts of toxic metals like nickel, chromium, and others. 

It will increase the tar produced in the smoke that the user would inhale and eventually end up in the lungs. In the long run, it is not a good process for the respiratory system. Thus, you need entirely herbal products. Al Fakher products are tested to have as less as 0.05% nicotine content. The Al Fakher organization has now entered the Herbal hookahs (Non-Tobacco) showcase in its mission to satisfy Hookah smokers worldwide with both tobacco and homegrown molasses items. 

Does Herbal Shisha Make You High?

No, herbal shisha will not give you a buzz. It provides flavor, and the smoke feels like traditional hookah. However, it will not make you high or cause dependency. If you still wish to get high, you can mix herbal shisha and traditional tobacco shisha. Check out the Al Fakher price of different types of shisha, if needed. 

Al Fakher Herbal Shisha

Al Fakher is best known to the world for quality shisha at an extraordinary cost, Al Fakher has built up a line of 100% nicotine and tobacco free shisha. Accessible in various scrumptious flavors that convey similar reliably strong tastes Al Fakher is known for. This natural shisha gives smokers an approach to smoke this extraordinary brand without the buzz.

This new cut of shisha looks practically indistinguishable from standard shisha tobacco, and it produces incredible mists with amazing flavor yield. Their formula still remains secret, many accept that sugar stick fiber, known as bagasse, is the base for the natural shisha. At that point they include similar flavorings and smoke improving glycerin that are utilized to make those scrumptious clouds.

Al Fakher Shisha Steam Stones (Herbal)

Al fakher’s Steam Stones are an incredible new tobacco free item that permits you to vape your preferred flavors with your hookah pipe. Totally tobacco and nicotine free, these shisha rocks kick up huge billows of fume, rather than smoke. The novel permeable structure of these fume stones takes into consideration most extreme flavor ingestion, bringing about great flavor and delectable fragrances. 

Does Herbal Shisha have an Age Restriction?

Dubai has strict regulations for the age limit in terms of tobacco products. Anyone below the age of 20 cannot buy tobacco-based products from Al Fakher. Anyone less than 18 cannot buy any hookah related products. Although herbal shisha is completely tobacco-free, it is a hookah product and is not for sale for any child below the age of 18. Desertcart and Al Fakher hold legal restrictions as a priority. 

If you wish to check out the options of hookah shisha, herbal products, and hookah related accessories, visit the Desertcart for Al Fakher shisha today.

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