Rich Heritage of MTR

MTR Company is a food products company which is mainly based in Bengaluru, India. It produces a broad range of packaged foods including breakfast mixes, sweet mixes, etc. MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd. is a part of the Norwegian conglomerate Orkla. Orkla is an MTR Brand acronym of Mavalli Tiffin Rooms. Lets see the rich heritage of MTR!

MTR Company is Proud of its Rich Heritage

Their tradition of hospitality and food started in 1924. It began with the founding of the MTR restaurant by the Maiya family in Bengaluru. This MTR restaurant is a city landmark currently. People still stand in a line to savor its creative, entirely authentic dishes.

In 1975, Maiyas expanded into the business of supporting foods and instant mixes. As their business expanded with time, modernization and state of art amenities comprising dedicated printing and lab packaging amenities were included. MTR Products comprise ready-to-eat cooked gravies, mixes, sweets, drinks, masala powders, etc.

MTR Brand has its tracks around the globe. To service further growth, it became a part of Norwegian Company M/s Orkla in 2007. Culinary secrets of MTR Company have been guarded and handed down over many generations. Their food is completely based on truly authentic recipes from the area of origin. MTR’s journey to India’s premier processed food company has been no easy step. It has been marked by innovation and choice of fresh technology. Specifically, every MTR Products will forever include its tradition of unmatchable taste, quality, and purity.


MTR is your friend in daily life. They are brave as they consistently challenge themselves to be brave. Mainly, to think more in an innovative manner and to act more boldly to be the world’s best. They are aimed high and love to win and speak up if something is seen wrong.

MTR is trustworthy, professional, reliable, and skillful. Anybody can trust MTR Brand as they are good at keeping their promises. They inspire every being and are passionate with a desire to succeed well. With their constant innovation, they inspire their customers, partners, consumers, and each other.


MTR Foods stands tall still as an Indian heritage brand as its history nears the century mark. Now, a famous household name, MTR Foods has strengthened its market power in the south. They are all set for a robust pan-India presence. Starting with the forays into the western, northern, and eastern regions.

If we go back in time, MTR Foods proclaimed its official partnership with Nordic conglomerate Orkla in 2007. The Orkla worldwide conglomerate includes 4 business units. It is Orkla Brands Nordic, Orkla Foods Nordic, Orkla Food Ingredients, and Orkla Brands International. While the Nordic area is the Orkla Brands’ domestic market, MTR has got robust market positions in India, Russia, and parts of Central and Eastern Europe.

After the joint venture, MTR has taken huge steps to revitalize its brand proposition. They have found their presence in modern consumers’ homes across India. With every new brand presence and creative brand identity, MTR foods attempt to acquire an instant food category in India. They have focused on spices in the southern areas.

They have kept this thing in mind changing today’s consumers. MTR Brand has realigned its product portfolio to resemble the requirements of today’s consumers. While all the other products on the MTR menu come with a sturdy promise of the best authentic taste. MTR Products are further classified into Tasty Delights and Daily Favorites. Tasty delights are a little celebratory and include dishes that act as mood enhancers. Daily favorites are for every day. At present, MTR is your greatest friend in your kitchen with certain promises to assist you in serving the authentic taste of India to your family.

MTR Products:

Breakfast Mixes

MTR offers khaman dhokla, poha, upma, poha- breakfast in a cup, etc.


MTR has premium quality beverages to offer such as chocolate drink, badam drink mix, etc.


MTR has sweets to offer with no added artificial preservatives. These sweets are gulab jamun and rasgulla.

Sweet Mixes

MTR has offered Vermicelli Payasam in sweet mixes.

Masala Powders

No food can be cooked well without adequate masalas in them. MTR is offering curry powder, sambar powder, rasam powder, garam masala, puliogare powder. There are also products including chana masala, pulao masala, idli powder, dal powder, etc.

3-Minute Breakfast:

It’s unbelievable that breakfast can be made in 3 minutes. MTR has brought fresh range, serving hot, mouth-watering Indian breakfast ready in 3 minutes. They have 6 lip-smacking choices. You just have to empty the package, add a little warm water, then mix and cover it well. Wait for further 3 minutes and enjoy your hot and spicy breakfast on any day. It’s too simple to make and you can easily browse through MTR’s range of 3-minute breakfast.

Why Choose MTR?

At MTR, they take pride in their rich heritage of over 85 years. They truly believe in the mirror journey of our nation. It’s a legacy forged by the generations together.

At MTR Company, with its best ingredients, it’s no wonder that they think in adhering to their authentic recipes. They truly believe in being the future and matching the speed of technology to get to their fast-moving customers. MTR has located an immense emphasis on its employee health and safety policy to create optimum outcomes.

MTR is a renowned brand of food products that has been serving people across the globe for over 85 years now. With its wide variety of products, whether its sweets, breakfast mixes, beverages, etc. They have everything for us to have special and spicy meals every day. Their products are easily available on Desertcart at affordable prices. Have a lip-smacking breakfast with MTR’s best food products and get them from Desertcart.

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