Buying Online from International Sites

Online shopping has always been fun for shoppers around the globe. Moreover, ordering online from international sites is simply exciting because one gets everything from a pin to automobiles, under one platform. However, there are various shortcomings while buying from global eCommerce sites. Presently, there has been an increase in the number of fraudulent sites. Reports say that these sites have duped people of millions of money and have halted many businesses. Therefore, to protect oneself from these scammers, here are some of the best safety tips to keep in mind before buying online from international sites


When you buy international products online, you will find that there is a sea of websites available for a single product. But, it’s safer to go for the ones with some reputation. Pro tip: If you see that a particular website contains an excess number of ads, then there is a great chance for the site to be a scam. For example, Desertcart is a very reputed shopping website and hence, one need not think of safety while ordering from our site.

Tour Through the Reviews

International online shopping sites are inundated with reviews. Everyone looks out for reviews for their products before placing their orders. But often, we forget to do enough research and as a result, fall prey to scammers. Therefore, even if you are buying a simple kitchen tool, take a look at all the reviews that the product has received. Also, do not click on any link that might entice you with unrealistic offers. This is a must-to-do while buying online from international sites

Payment Options

The primary motive of fraudulent e-commerce international websites is to loot a person. When you are shopping via international shopping sites shipping, ensure that you carefully consider all the payment options before finalizing your order. Remember, Desertcart has all types of payment options based on your preferences. If you see that a particular site is incessantly asking for your card details, then you must be suspicious. Buying online protection is best ensured when you use a credit card over a debit card because they have more consumer protection. 

Avoid Giving Too Many Details

Online shopping with international shipping sites usually asks a few questions before you place your final orders. However, before fulfilling your transaction, keep a tab on what details the website is asking from you and what information you are giving them. In case you find that the site is asking for more details than required, then immediately cancel your order. An important point to note is that one must never save one payment information. Delete every payment-related detail from your profile in case you happened to save them. 

Public Wi-Fi can be Hazardous

Shopping sites with international shipping facilities are more fun when you are sipping your hot chocolate in a nearby café. But wait! Are you using public Wi-Fi? If yes, then do not proceed any further. Public Wi-Fi can store your personal information, which hackers might further use for unlawful purposes. Not only that, the best suggestion will be to never make any online payment in a public place. Who knows, the creepy guy behind you might be a hacker and is stealthily collecting all your transaction details. 

Use Only Secured Sites

While ordering online from international sites, how does one know that the site they are using is secured or not? Very simple, look out for the lock icon on the browser bar. Moreover, the URL should always start with ‘HTTPs’. For instance, the Desertcart website has both of these which shows that it is a secured site. Secured sites like ours are configured in a way so to mask all your financial information and passwords. Additionally, we never ask for anything beyond the necessary information. 

Scrutinize Your Sellers

There exist many sellers for a single product. Therefore, buying from global eCommerce sites will bring a plethora of sellers. All you need to do is properly scrutinize all these sellers and check whether they are missing out on any important information or not. Look for the reviews that they have received for their products. Buying online protection products does not mean that all sellers will give you the best ones. This is because, sometimes, it’s not about the website that can dupe you. Fraudulent sellers have a greater role to play in this regard.

Voice Out

Duplicitous international shopping sites shipping facilities will always find a way to deceive people in some way or the other. Anybody can fall prey to such scams. But, what one can do to help others is to raise a public complaint about the particular website or seller. With popular social media apps like Facebook and Twitter, this job has become a lot easier. Make everyone aware of your experience of buying online from international sites. If higher authorities notice this, they might even take stringent actions against such cyber miscreants. 

How Desertcart Ensures Safety?

When you buy international products online from Desertcart, you are sure to get an easy and secure transaction process. We ensure that all our sellers are authentic and have at least some reputation in the market. Desertcart also offers global shipping facilities, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. We are among those shopping sites with international shipping to get global recognition for our excellent services. Do not forget to visit our website and check out our products.

  • There aren’t many international online shopping sites that will tell you about the perils of fraudulent shopping sites and also suggest ways so that one does not fall prey to any such activity.
  • Buying from international sites like Desertcart will give you exposure to global goods. Additionally, you might also be eligible for getting exclusive discounts on trending products. (T&C)
  • You get online shopping with international shipping facilities only from us. 

So, it’s up to you whether you want to choose the best or not. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping from Desertcart and ensure maximum safety.

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