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Hand sanitizer market 2020      

The global hand sanitizer market stood at USD 2.7 billion in 2019 and is predicted to grow from 2020 to 2027 at an annual growth rate of 22.6 percent.

It is expected that changing customer preference for convenient personal hygiene products would push the market. Moreover, the latest COVID-19 pandemic spurred the market for hand sanitizer at the beginning of 2020. Thanks to the global spread of the virus in a limited period of time, the market for hand and personal hygiene products has surpassed the availability in both online and brick and mortar distribution outlets worldwide. The epidemic has reiterated the value among customers of routine hand sanitizing and cleaning activities and is one of the prominent industry driving forces.

The ever-growing hand sanitizer industry

A growing market propensity for health & well-being, increasing knowledge of health and personal hygiene products, increasing per capita income, improving living conditions, and increasing health spending are only a few of the key reasons contributing to a growing global inclination for hand sanitizers.

Consumers like hand sanitizers because as opposed to soap and hand wash, they are more compact and handier to use. The reasoning behind this is that they do not need the use of water and evaporate when hands are disinfected. Apart from sanitation, certain hand sanitizers often aid with the preservation of hand moisture.

Today, walk into every convenience store, supermarket chain or market, and you will be hit by a wall of hand sanitizers and personal hygiene products that help battle the coronavirus and other diseases, but most have names that the average shopper is unfamiliar with. There were also many new hand sanitizers and personal hygiene products on the market. Many of these new suppliers and enterprises were still in the cleaning or cosmetics industry and were only willing to expand the production of hand sanitizer or wet wipes when demand grew.

Why choose Purell?

Hand sanitizers, since they can be used directly without water, provide a benefit over traditional hand cleaning products. In addition, renowned manufacturing Purell Company has been selling hand sanitizers in compact packages such as sachets and mini bottles, which customers can conveniently hold in a bag or pocket with over 30 years of expertise. The scope of the hand sanitizer market has been enlarged by these factors.

The Purell Company emphasizes the importance of hand hygiene in promoting public health, acting as a trustworthy resource and raising awareness through their personal hygiene products of leading-edge hand hygiene and skin health technological progress.

For quick access and comfort, Purell brand holds a large variety of personal hygiene products. To better protect the skin, Purell Hand Sanitizer contains 70 percent ethyl alcohol and is 99.9 percent effective in destroying germs.

In several hospitals and medical centres, Purell brand, a leading brand of hand sanitizing products, is used. In order to avoid unnecessary drying of the skin on our hands, the Purell hand sanitizer gel formulation contains 70 percent ethyl alcohol as well as aloe, vitamin E, and other moisturizing agents.

Their saying and fundamental philosophy at Purell Company is that “Formulation Counts.” While the percentage of alcohol is very significant, the overall formulation impacts the efficiency and consumer interface when it comes to producing an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Qualities such as antimicrobial potency, which is how fast it operates and the kinds of germs it destroys, purity, skincare such as being non-irritated are provided by Purell products.

How does Purell ensure top-notch quality and service?

Purell Brand has been meticulously formulating and testing its patented hand sanitizers for over 30 years to combat germs, be soft on the hands, have a pleasant user experience, and be easy to use. Purell products conform with the high quality of chemical formulation and development. To ensure that it satisfies FDA drug product consistency standards, they perform comprehensive quality checking of raw materials, including alcohol, and the finished Purell products, including the Hand Sanitizer. Furthermore, to help prevent exploitation, Purell products have always contained a denaturant in their products.

In the hand sanitizers of the Purell Company, the active ingredient is ethyl alcohol, sourced only from manufacturers selling ethyl alcohol suitable for OTC prescription products. Ethyl alcohol delivers the greatest balance of potency, purity, and a pleasant user interface when formulated correctly. For well over a century, it has been known for its capacity to easily destroy germs. It is also often referred to as ‘nature’s disinfectant,’ and plants derive much of the ethyl alcohol found in Purell products.

Most Purell products are free of perfume; but where fragrance is desired, they use light fragrances that enhance the advantages of the personal hygiene products of Purell Company– a safe, secure, soothing clean. The aroma profile contains citrus notes in its Purell Hand Sanitizing Gel, and since they only use high-quality ethanol in their products, there is no need to use strong fragrance to hide contaminants. One may not have known much about what hand sanitizer smelled or looked like until later, but when formulating Purell hand sanitizer and other Purell products, it is something that has always been considered. You are more likely to use it daily if you enjoy the quality, feel, and the scent of it.

The high alcohol level instantly destroys germs and the formulation is 99.9 percent successful in destroying infectious microbes. The solution is free of parabens that can induce skin inflammation, phthalates, and additives. It also does not induce extreme drying or, after use, result in scratching or redness. The hand sanitizer formula comprises 70% ethyl alcohol, 99.9% effective in killing germs, contains moisturizing ingredients which are available in a hand sanitizer dispenser bottle and also as a hand sanitizer gel.

Purell’s sustainability efforts

Their continued emphasis on Sustainability has helped them achieve Cradle to Cradle Certification by choosing healthy ingredients for their formulations at all times making their hand sanitizer and other personal hygiene product preparations extremely environmentally friendly, using bio-based ingredients, powering their solar power production plant, and more. This is all part of the mission of the Purell Brand, saving lives and improving lives by well-being solutions.


By continually innovating and discovering new ways to change the lives of those they encounter, the Purell company strives to inspire. They strive to have a positive effect on public health and the environment we work in every day. Every day, they work hard to find new ways to generate sustainable wealth through creative ideas that offer Purell company shareholders and the general public social, ethical, and economic value.

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