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How Shein Makes Online Cloth Shopping More Easier?

There are numerous brands in the online market when it comes to clothes and accessories. However, people are still confused about choosing the right attire, best designs, trendy models, etc. SHEIN website is a one-stop affordable shop for everything that a woman craves to be in her collection- jeans, jeggings, shorts, denim, jackets, tops, prom gowns, wedding accessories, casual dresses, and even earrings and stuff! Shein comes as a solution for stylish cloth shoppers, and here is how it is making a whirl among youngsters.

Wide Collection

The main advantage of online shopping is the ability to surf through hundreds of potential options within a few minutes. It is easier to filter, find an appropriate size, and even compare. This flexibility is the primary motto of Shein. SHEIN highly esteems offering trending styles taking into account both young ladies and adolescents, that won’t use up every last cent. SHEIN’s branch holds fast to the idea that “everybody can appreciate the excellence of design.” The brand offers numerous styles of trendy clothing to buy. Because of their cheap prices of clothing topped with premium standard quality, SHEIN has nicely captured the UAE market from its very beginning.

Complete Description

Unfortunately, most brands assume that the only description needed for a dress is just size and color. Shein line collaborates with Desertcart to bring you the ultimate experience by sharing in-depth information about the material, design style, directions to handle, and more. 

Fit Type: Description of the item – slim, regular, or plus size.

Details: Provides info on the size, material, color, wash instructions, or related aspects of the item.

Fabric: Describes the kind of fabric the item is made of. This is really helpful to determine if the item is elastic, see-through, sturdy, regular, or not worth the money. If the product has stretch, you are supposed to stick to your normal size, but if no elasticity is present, you might want to size up.


A mere X, S, L, and XS ranking of the size becomes irrelevant for someone trying the brand for the first time. The size X of one brand might be equivalent to XXL of another brand. There is no universal standard for those size rankings. Shein understands this confusion. It is true that not every clothing would look desirable with extreme alterations. Moreover, it is easier to alter to reduce the size but not increase it. Thus, this international brand offers a detailed size chart with measurements of length, sleeve length, bust, waist, etc. How to use the size chart? 


The bust size mentioned in the Shein website is the measurement of your chest, under your arms. Keep your arms to your side and measure the chest’s full length, from side to side and not just the chest area.


Shein conducts a complete quality examination of their entire product line before launching them in the UAE market. They examine the style, color, measurements, workmanship, quality, and so on so as to avoid all kinds of quality-related complaints from their customers. They take measures to ensure everything is perfect – entirety of the cutting, sewing, and pressing meet the industry standards. 

Hips and Waist

For specific clothing, the Shein online provides hip size. To measure your hip size, keep your feet closer together and measure your body’s part that is of the highest dimension between the waist and knee. Some people blindly measure their waist for hip size. Waist measurement and hip measurement are not the same. For hip measurement, it is ideal to measure your body’s circumference, 8 inches below your waist. For waist size, measure your waistline.  

Remember that the products of Shein online stores are quite specific to the size. So, it is best not to tape you very tightly, while measuring your waist. You should have enough room for wearing cloth, bending, or moving around. 

Arm and Sleeve

For arm measurement, you need to measure the center back of the neck to the top of the shoulder. It is an essential measurement as if it is too big, your dress would slip off your shoulder, and if it is too small, you will look stuffed into the dress. Thus, the Shein site provides a perfect measurement for arm for each size. For sleeve size, you should measure from the shoulder to elbow or wrist, as per the dress style.


For inseam measurement, use your pants to measure. Lay your pants on the floor, flat. Measure the length from crotch to the pants’ bottom, along the seam.

Only reputed brands like Shein would have a perfect size chart for the dress. If you are a frequent buyer of Shein website, you will be familiar with the size rank (L, S, XL), and can rely on the rank with ease.


Shein also houses one of the best collections of accessories ranging from earrings, jewelry sets, necklaces, hair clips, manicure and pedicure sets, to shoes and stockings. Not just fashion accessories, Shein store also houses and sells a variety of other cute home decor objects and kitchen objects within the reach of commoners. Shein’s accessories are all made from premium quality material and color grading that makes it look like objects of boutique designs. Geometric designs, matching sets, home kits, cards, pillows, mats – everything is sold by Shein.

Why should you choose Shein?

Shein loyally keeps up their promise of extremely high quality and trending clothes for fashionistas in the UAE. Prom gowns, socks, shoes, T-shirts, crop tops, jeans, leggings, everything related to the fashion world – you name it, you get it. Talking about their popularity in the UAE, SHEIN focuses on giving the most trending pieces of clothing while being equally devoted to quality, worth, and customer service.

Not just fashion accessories, Shein also delivers a variety of other daily essentials to its UAE customers. There are many e-commerce retailers like Desertcart that sell all Shein products in Abu Dhabi and take care of Shein’s delivery in the UAE.

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