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Gerber Gear company is an American producer of consumer knives & tools, multi-tools. These cutting tools are headquartered in the United States, Oregon, and Tigard inside the Portland metropolitan area. At present, Gerber brand is a part of Fiskars Brands Inc, owned by the Fiskars company of Finland. Moreover, Gerber was founded in 1939 by Pete Gerber. Smart people perform good research to buy best Gerber knives for their best use.

Gerber Gear company was the initial production cutting tools company to collude with custom knives & tools makers. It was when it collaborated with David Murphy.

In the year 1910, the Gerber brand family initiated an advertising company in Portland, Oregon. While they were working for their family business, Joseph Gerber mailed 24 sets of knives. This set of folding knives was mailed to clients in between the holidays. These fixed blade knives were quite famous. Then, a catalogue seller Abercrombie and Fitch asked more of these folding knives from the Gerber Gear to sell their catalogue in 1939. Moreover, Gerber commenced Gerber Legendary Blades in a similar year.

In 1966, the Gerber Gear company was relocated to fresh headquarters in Tigard, Oregon. Finnish company Fiskars bought a private company in 1987.  In 2001, Chad Vincent was appointed as a chief executive officer. By the year 2003, the Gerber Gear brand employed 300 people. They had earnings near $100 million and were the 2nd leading seller of multi tools in the U.S.


On Gerber Gear company’s website, they claim to be the “heftiest supplier of knives & tools” to the U.S armed forces. Numerous of their commercially available outdoor hunting knives fit this specific claim, such as the LMF II Infantry. It mainly characterizes a little tang despite a complete one. Apparently, to ignore electric shocks as these knives were designed to free pilots from downed aircraft.

Several designers who have designed outdoor hunting knives for Gerber include Paul Poehlmann, Bob Loveless, William Harsey JrFred, Blackie Collins, Rick Hinderer, Ernest Emerson, and Matt Larsen. Some previous Gerber employees who have begun their own successful knife companies comprise Pete Kershaw and Al Mar.

Gerber Gear Brand

Gerber Gear brand created a line of folding knives based on various designs of Rex Applegate. Besides, Bear Grylls has also assisted in designing and promoting a line of some survival knives & tools. Gerber Gear Grylls knife and its gears are world-famous for the specific range of survival benefit tools made by them. But as of now, it’s no longer just a knife-based company. Axes, Multi-tools, hand saws, headlamps, machetes, survival kits, flashlights, etc.

These all are the fresh directions that Gerber Gear brand explores with similar standards of design and quality. This informs about their revered knife production. KnifeIndia is very proud to show Gerber Bear Grylls knife and its gears as one of 4 leading brands. Their knife collection at KnifeIndia comprises serrated and plain edge knives, bear Grylls knives, compact compasses, tactical utilities, multi-tools, etc. However, they turn out to be a great utility tool to be carried along in your travel kit with ease when you are out for any sort of work.

Gerber Bear Grylls knife is similarly associated with the best quality of materials used in the production of Gerber Gear products. So, they are efficiently and effectively used for the aim they are meant for.

Gerber Gear Products

1. Gerber Paraframe Mini

Gerber Paraframe Mini gives a huge carbon steel blade in a stainless steel bikini frame. It is only 1.4 ounces and the weight of the Paraframe cut where it isn’t vital. This is to bulk up the body of the knife where it mainly counts. A strong frame lock keeps the knife blade in place with less play, instead of the minuscule price tag. Its strong body along with the tight pocket clip creates everything a basic folder should be. With the choice to go with a fine-edged model or a partly serrated blade, this is a great basic budgeted knife.

2. Gerber Freeman Guide

Gerber Freeman has a heavy traction handle and utilizes hefty thumb studs. They have combined with finger grooves for an improved grip. This will not win any contests for being too tiny, yet those who prefer everyday carry this surely fits the bill. Its drop pointed edge is created for tactical usage as well as survival operations. When entirely deployed, the Gerber Freeman provides a sense of working more like a fixed blade. Its stainless steel used already for the blade is far from the highest of the market. However, it stands well, even after years of their hard work.

3. Gerber GDC Tech Skin

Gerber’s GDC collection is all about recreating the way common objects operate to seamlessly combine into your life. They can easily share a space with your smartphones without even scratching it. You will get nowhere more clean than with this Tech Skin. When it’s folded up, there is not a millimeter of metal to be found anywhere in between. It means there is less to stab as it travels with you daily. Even its thumb studs are made of rubber for less amount of damage to your pocket linings. Its ergonomic and comfortable handle makes it usable with joy cut after cut.

4. Gerber Gator Premium

When you are out somewhere chasing down the scariest game of all, this Gator deserves consideration. You will find this aggressive for EDC if you are going to be cutting its crust off. Yet, if you must do it like a badass, then it will surely fit your bill. With both gut hook and clip point models, whatever foul business you have in your mind, you can clearly bet the Gator is ready for it.So, this was a brief overview of Gerber Gear company and its various camping and hiking, multi-tools products. A variety of camping and hiking knives and folding knives can be found on Desertcart, the most trusted e-commerce website at present serving millions of people.

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