Stress Free Working

The news about COVID-19 keeps pouring in & the details can be scary and overwhelming. You might have fear and anxiety due to plenty of concerns. These include trying to keep the children occupied while staying indoors all day as well as managing at-risk patients or family members. It also involves adjusting to this “new normal” and attempting to get the work done at home. That is why you should know how to stay stress free in tough times like these. With the passing of each day, tension can add up & impact you both mentally and physically.  

Whether you are working from home or are going to work, the coronavirus pandemic has maybe modified your working manner. Anxiety and fear about this latest ailment as well as other strong emotions can be profuse.  

So, for staying happy and healthy, follow these tips on how to stay positive and stress-free:

  1. Take a Deep Breath – Feeling overwhelmed? Or are coming out of the tense meeting as well as are required to clear your head? A few minutes of deep breathing will reinstate balance. Just inhale for 5 seconds, the hold & exhale in equal counts through your nose. It is like getting the focus and calm of the 90-minute yoga class in 3 minutes or less at work. 
  1. Start the Day Off Right – Scrambling for getting the kids fed? Check. Fighting against road rage? Check. Dodging traffic? Check. Gulping down a cup of coffee as a healthy breakfast? Check. After plenty of people are done with these activities, they arrive at the workspace already stressed. Wondering how to stay happy and stress free? Well, begin your day with good nutrition, a positive attitude, and planning. This way, you may find that your work-stress rolls off the back more conveniently. 
  1. Take Out Some Time for your Workplace Wellness – Try adding indoor plants to your work desk as it refines the air quality. Also, your desktop can have a calming impact as well as can make the space feel soothing. Also, keeping yourself hydrated all day long assists to keep the brain “moist” and alert. This way, it offers ideal circumstances for problem-solving and creative thinking. 
  1. Adopt the Right Relaxation Strategy – Want to know how to be stress free at work? Practice this skill and you are good to go! Sit comfortably with eyes closed. Working from the legs upward, methodically tense & relax every major muscle group. Hold the tension for ten seconds and then release it for 20 seconds. Every time you release the muscle tension, think “relax” to yourself. 
  1. Pick Fruit Juice Over Coffee – You may be having various demanding moments at work, while everybody wishes something from you immediately. Now, this calls for a sip of coffee. It stimulates the brain however, as per the experts, over 4 cups of coffee regularly are dangerous to health. So, bring in a few healthy alterations in the lifestyle by replacing coffee with fruit juice or water. 
  1. Don’t React But Act – Do you wish to know how to create a stress free work environment? Well, you go through tension when you realize that situations are out of your control. This activates stress hormone &, if chronic, decreases your well-being, concentration, as well as confidence. So, recognize aspects of the situation you can control & the ones you can’t. For instance, fundamentally, you are in control of your responses and actions but not in the control of macro forces. 
  1. Stay Clear on the Requirements – An aspect well-known for contributing to job burnout is unclear expectations for the employees. Don’t know what is expected from you? Or do the expectations for the role keep altering with little notice? Well, then you may become quite stressed and think about how to remain stress free at work. You might find yourself never knowing whether or not what you do is sufficient. That is why you should talk with the supervisor. 
  1. Begin Exercising – With its endorphin-releasing and mood-boosting properties, a daily aerobic workout is the normal stress reducer. Also, exercise supports getting the mind off your worrisome thoughts. Train yourself to be in the moment and aim at the movements of your body. This way, exercise can become an active meditation form & have a soothing impact on your mind & body. 
  1. Consume Foods that Lower the Stress – It is normal to be stressed while witnessing work piling up in front of you. So, now how to stay stress free at work? Please note that craving as well as eating food for overcoming the work-associated concerns is not the right solution. As per the research, in stressful circumstances, you crave sugary, fatty, and calorie-rich foods. This is because it is not about physical hunger, it is about the comfort you get from food. You should opt for a few healthy foods which satisfy the hunger and overcome the stress. 
  1. Avoid Interruptions – Frustrated with phone calls, emails, instant messages, pop-ins, and urgent deadlines? All of these things conspire to make you more distracted than ever. While you might not have control over these interruptions, you can control the response. So, to answer your question of how to stay stress-free in life, accept the interruption, and cut it off. Or else, you can diagnose its relevance & make the plan. 

Follow the above-mentioned steps for managing stress and adding a bit of normalcy. It will go a long way to assist you to cope up with the ever-changing surroundings. Also, this will support keeping those around you, specifically, kids, focused and calm. All of us are encountering the challenge of a pandemic due to being adaptable species. We don’t break but bend. You might feel fear, however, use your resilience and creativity for acting despite all of this. Are you worried about the current situation? Consider these steps rather than refreshing the social media feeds and ruminating.

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