Importance Of Mother's Day

Why is Mother’s Day Important? Its History, Significance, and Celebrations

Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world every year and it is gaining more popularity with each passing year. Some of you might be wondering about the importance of mother’s day and why it is celebrated? It is a celebration done to honor the mother of the family on motherhood and the influence of all mothers in society. It is generally celebrated on different days in several parts of the world, most commonly during March or May. There were several traditional celebrations of Mother’s Day and mothers that existed for thousands of years around the world. The Greeks had a festival celebrated for the mother deity Rhea while the Romans celebrated Hilaria. Hence in some countries, the mothers day celebrations are synonymous with the age-old tradition of celebrations.

This article will give some insight into the importance of mother’s day and when is mother’s day celebrated around the world? You will also get some ideas regarding mother’s day gift ideas.

The History of Mother’s Day

History Of Mother's Day

Mother’s Day was introduced by Anna Jarvis to honor her deceased mother Ann Reese Jarvis who had passed away 3 years before the holiday. The first-ever Mother’s Day celebration was conducted at the Andrews Methodist Church in the 19th century. She was not the first one to take the initiative, there were quite a few people before her, who had started this tradition. In 1914, Woodrow Wilson had signed a declaration stating the 2nd Sunday of May to be celebrated as Mother’s Day. Anna Jarvis always wanted to honor her mother, since she had believed that a mother is the only person who can do more for her child than anyone else in the world.

The Importance of Mother’s Day

People around the world take time to appreciate their mothers for all the immense contributions that they have received from their mothers throughout their lives. The relationship between the mother and her child is considered to be the purest form of unconditional love. It is the strongest bond between people and also holds families together. A mother’s love knows no bounds and hence it is always cherished by everyone. It is truly special and never-ending and it also shapes the lives of people in different ways. There are some psychological benefits too that are attached to celebrating mother’s day.

All around the world people celebrate mother’s day as a mark of respect to honor women. A mother has many responsibilities and bringing up her kids is one of the greatest responsibilities. She has to manage the family and take care of the household. Many mothers are doing all these along with their regular job and that is commendable. Hence, we need to show love and respect to our mothers and acknowledge the sacrifices and contributions she makes to manage and build the home. A home does not feel like a home without the mother. Different countries celebrate mothers day on different dates, but the celebration happens in May every year.

Contributions of Mothers

Mothers also help to build the home, society, and the nation. We need to show love and respect to mothers around the world and appreciate all their contributions. Mothers around the world are working hard 24/7 to support their families and contribute to society by building responsible citizens for the future.

Celebrating Mother’s Day can also help us psychologically and provide some solace when we appreciate our mothers for everything they do for us and the family. Mothers have always played an important role in protecting their children right from the womb. They help us to connect with the world in a better way. We learn the basics of life from our mothers and there is always a special unbreakable bond between the mother and the child. Hence it is important to celebrate the person who brought us to this earth. It has been so caring, considerate, and supportive throughout our lives. A celebration or special day for mothers is a constant reminder for all to take a pause in their busy lives and appreciate the mother for everything.

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Celebrating Mother's Day

You can make this Mother’s Day one of the best days by celebrating with your mum in a great way. Your mother will appreciate the time and effort that you take you to spend this day joyfully. You can plan to give gifts or special presents to your mother on Mother’s Day. This is the time to ask yourself how you can express your love to your mother? This year Mother’s Day 2022 will be celebrated on 8th May. The mother is an amazingly strong and wonderful person and there are plenty of ways you can celebrate this special occasion.

Right from homemade gifts to special outings, there are great ideas that you can use to honor your mother on this special day. You can plan to give breakfast in bed to your mum and also start the day with a beautiful bouquet. You can organize a small party at home and invite all the special people your mom loves to spend time with. Also, try to bake a special cake in your oven or plan a picnic with your mother. If your mother stays far away from you plan a zoom call; and spend some time expressing how much you love and miss her. It can also be a family zoom call where everyone wishes the mother and have a virtual party using mobile phones, if possible.

Even organizing a BBQ party would be a great way to celebrate. Having a surprise party or planning a holiday with your mother can be a great way to celebrate.


The mother is one of the most important people in the lives of everybody. One day in a year is not enough to honor and express thanks and gratitude to the mother. But it is an excellent opportunity to spend some time with your mother and make her feel special. It will help you to deepen your bond with your mother and the family as a whole. Give her a nice gift like a dress, perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, mobile, etc that she can use and remember you always. Make this important day a very special and memorable occasion for your dear mother and the entire family. Nothing can replace a mother’s love in our lives.

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