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A shopping site with a business base in one location that offers global delivery is an international shopping website. You can find numerous such international shopping sites today. The advantages of shopping from an online store are evident to every shopper. However, in this global market, the local sites are not the only businesses that prefer your attention. There are numerous international shopping sites on the internet, offering unique items. You could find similar products on the local sites, but it is more advantageous to order through international websites. Do you want to know why?

Below are the nine outstanding reasons for your International Shopping:


Are you planning to buy an item from a foreign land? It is far cheaper to use international shopping sites instead of a direct order. How to buy things from other countries online? You need to choose a reliable site, order the item, check the postal fee and custom duties, and wait for the delivery. Since the online site sells numerous products to your geographical location, it can offer a considerable discount on the shipping charges.

Easy Customs Duties

When you buy an item from a foreign country, it is a headache to bring it out through customs. Each article will fall under a different category. Some materials need separate documentation, and so on. The same goes for VAT. Each country has a different rule for VAT. How to buy things from other countries online without knowing the basics of customs and VAT? Well, the international site will take care of it. It is the site’s responsibility to bring your product through customs. You will also get a clear price of the VAT and customs, prior hand.


The international shopping sites are as safe as your local ones. If you pay via credit cards or PayPal, you can have complete control over your money until the product reaches your hand. However, safety depends on the site too. You ought to choose reliable sites like Desertcart for a safe and guaranteed transaction. Such reputable sites will have a secure payment gateway, different types of payments, transparent customer service, etc.

Better Deals

Some of the better deals are usually from global shopping sites. Since they are global players, they would be offering deals for all major festivals worldwide. Thus, you will have a higher chance of finding something cheaper throughout the year. Moreover, the sites have legal tie-ups with logistic companies, offering you a smaller price tag. Are you stuck without your kid’s favorite toy on your local website? There will always be one on an international site, despite being the Christmas time rush.

Trend and Style

Most of the early trendsetters do not wait for a product to reach their country. They either buy such products when they visit a destination or ask someone close to them to send it to them. However, all these waiting times can go, poof, if you choose global shopping sites. If an item is causing a fashion stir, you can have it within a couple of days by ordering via the online store.

Exotic Item

Some items are just ethnically indigenous to a location. A local business might not resell every single product sold by an international destination. It would not be profitable for a local website. For instance, a herbal product available in the Middle East might not reach Australia via local businesses, due to profit reasons. Thus, the only option to buy such exotic items within a reasonable price is to order from international sites. Moreover, the customs regulations for items brought in for personal use is very less than commercial purchases in bulk. Thus, you will be able to buy a diverse amount of goods than a local business.

Avoid Banning

When you order from a business from an international destination, it is hard to find whether the product can enter your country. For instance, if you order hookah from a Middle East site to Africa, you might not receive it if you are in Kenya, Rwanda, and others. It is hard to keep track of the items banned by your home country. However, if you are buying from international sites, they will give clear instructions. Such products will have a label, ‘not available in your country’ for you to notice.

Tracking Package

It is quite common to expect a delivery delay, especially when you are receiving your product from halfway across the globe. However, if you order from international sites like Desertcart, you can have a good idea about where your package is and when to expect it. You can track your delivery and also get in contact with the customer service department to learn more.

New Products

Many electronic items and fashion items do not start with a global reach. You can find such innovative and exciting products on international sites alone. These new products might be at a meager price since they have not yet become popular. If you wait for those items to reach your country, they would be trendy by then, and costlier. If you want to grab the latest technology as early as possible, it is time to order internationally. It is far more profitable if you are buying from international sites.

Remember that it is all not just roses to choose an international site and buy a product. You ought to look for the hidden charges. Learn about your liabilities in importing the product to your country. It is best to choose a site, which takes care of all the legality. Check the return policies too. It is best to select a website that allows you to pay via credit card or PayPal. The fluctuation in the currency rate could take an enormous toll if you choose to pay via bank transfer. Before you choose an international site, you ought to learn about its credibility and terms and conditions.

If you want a shortcut, it is easier to choose reliable global online shopping sites like Desertcart. You just have to log into the site, select your list of items, check the price, and buy. Your product will reach you safely.

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