Is natural Medicine Safe? Hamdard is the Solution for your Dilemma

Modern medicine is bringing out new and improved carcinoma drugs, vaccines, and more, every year. It is true that after modern medicine took the front line, the chances of an individual getting cured for major diseases increased multiple folds. However, natural medicine like Hamdard products is still the front-end for preventing medical conditions and a safer method of dealing with health problems. It is why Hamdard medicine and other major cities is getting more attention.

Is Natural Medicine Safe?

Let us deal with the elephant in this medicine world. Just because something has a label ‘natural medicine,’ it is not 100% pure or effective. Natural medicine is not just some concoction of superfoods or high-beneficial natural products. It is an ancient form of science. Only branded products, like Hamdard medicines are reliable and effective. Here is how you can identify safe and reliable natural medicine.

Potent Ingredient

People always surf whether a specific herb is right for a medical condition, but not which part of the herb. Natural medicine needs to have a potent ingredient. Say, if a herb’s medicinal value is in the petals of its flower. The efficiency of medicine depends on using the said part of the flower. Instead, most small-end brands label as ‘cut & sifted,’ which means they use the entire plant like stem, leaves, buds, seeds, fruits, etc. You ought to choose reliable products like Hamdard medicine. 

Harvest Time

During ancient times, the medicine maker only prepares a certain concoction or medicine during a specific season. It is because the benefit of the product lies in the freshness of the plant. For instance, herbs for root-based medicines are ideal before fall for harvesting. Only brands that rely on ancient medicinal recipes like Hamdard products will be aware of such specifications.


There are numerous natural medicine manufacturers around the world. However, people only choose the brand with research-based products like Hamdard medicine because the dosage is essential. Yes, it is not common to overdose on natural products, but an overdose can happen. Ineffective preparation with less dosage can render ineffective medicine.


Some herbs might grow in marshlands, and some in dense forests. Wild herbs might have pest infestations too. The manufacturer should clean the ingredients with mild solutions to eliminate contamination and, at the same time, not destroy the medicinal value of the part. Apart from the natural dirt and pest, the process of manufacturing is also essential. The inactive ingredients, fillers, and bases used in the process, the machinery, and the workers must be clean to receive a contamination-free product. Since professionals run it, the Hamdard products are far superior and contamination-free. Check out Hamdard Dawakhana for safe herbal medicine.

What are the different products offered by Hamdard?

Hamdard RoohAfza

RoohAfza is an organic product filled, cordial punch which is an ideal treat on a hot day. It has been the nation’s preferred beverage for generations.The flavor, the scent and the shading just as the decency stay unrivaled even following 100 years of its creation. Hakim Hafiz Abdul Majeed’s brainchild, it is a cool mix of home grown materials.

Hamdard Safi

Safi’s mix of fundamental natural concentrates keeps your skin pimple free and gleaming. There is neem which sanitizes the blood and keeps it liberated from pretty much every skin ailment. Chiraita keeps the skin poison free while senna keeps the stomach clear and subsequently your skin and tulsi which improves blood flow and enables your skin to sparkle. Taken normally, Safi is a compelling pimple warrior, mending the skin and making it look brilliant normally.

Hamdard Roghan Badam

Almond oil had been utilized widely for its medical advantages and as a stunner helped much before science found its decency. Hamdard understood this much before any other individual and henceforth presented the decency of almond as Roghan Badam Shirin.

Hamdard Joshina

Try not to let that terrible virus defeat you. It is an organic cure produced using twelve basic herbs, it is useful in the avoidance and treatment of basic cold and cough. Joshina assists to clear up your stodgy nose and calm your scratchy throat.

Hamdard Sualin

Consistent cough distracts you from your track. What is required is an organic remedy like Sualin. A mixture of reliable herbs, Sualin is an organic and powerful solution for sore throat, cough and dry voice.

Hamdard Arq Gulab

Cleopatra was accepted to be utilized as a piece of her beauty system, and for ages, rose has been utilized by ladies all over the world to upgrade their beauty. Taking this forward, Hamdard created Arq Gulab, Pure Rose Water, which is produced using new rose blossoms. Hamdard Arq Gulab applies a thrilling impact on the heart and cerebrum, and is extremely powerful in palpitation, faintness, and migraine. It is likewise known to extinguish thirst.

Hamdard Pachnol

In case You’re Suffering from acid reflux. Hamdard Pachnol, an organic stomach related tablet, the chewable gives quick and powerful help from burning chest, acid reflux, hyperacidity, absence of craving and torment and largeness in the stomach after dinners. 

Is it Safe for Me?

Yes, natural products are useful, and a product made from 100% natural herbs in an approved method and is effective and safe. However, it is a medicine, and medicine can cause allergic reactions and drug interactions when used in combinations. This problem is one of the main reasons why people think twice before choosing a natural medicine. Unlike modern medicine, not many natural medicine products provide a clear list of ingredients for the user to know whether it is safe. 

The Hamdard products come with detailed descriptions and ingredients. You can cross-check whether you are allergic to each ingredient. Talk to a professional about each ingredient and how effective it is for your age, medical condition, underlying medical problems, and so on. 

So, if you plan to take natural medicines, do not try your luck with some unknown brands and choose Hamdard products. After all, ineffective medicine can cause more harm than good.

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