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So you just bought a new laptop? No wonder you must be excited to work on it and use it for your entertainment. But before you start using it, you might want to look for fun and essential laptop accessories online or in-store, that would make your life so much more easier when you use your laptop. There are a variety of essential laptop accessories available online to choose from, you will find there to be a huge number of them for every problem that you are facing with your laptop.

Here are 10 tips that will help you purchase the best and essential laptop accessories online for gaming, work, and casual use.

Cooling Pad

Heating issues are extremely common with laptops due to the slim form factor and heavy workloads that we use them for. Cooling pads are a must if you are a heavy gamer or if you use a lot of CPU or GPU intensive apps such as for editing and video production. You can find a lot of fun laptop accessories like an RGB themed cooling pad for your gaming laptop. Always choose a cooling pad with at least 3 fans for the best cooling effect. Another great tip is to look for fans positioned in the same place where your laptop is heating the most.

External Keyboard & Mouse

An external gaming mouse and keyboard are a must gaming laptop accessories, since it is impossible to play AAA games such as first-person shooter on a laptop’s touch pad. You can buy any mouse and keyboard that you would use for a desktop. If you feel uncomfortable with typing on a laptop keyboard, you can get an external mechanical keyboard for the best typing experience.

Blue Light Filter Glasses

If you are working for hours together on your laptop then blue light specs are a must laptop accessory in use for you. It can help you eliminate the discomfort that is accompanied with staring at a screen for too long. You can get a blue light filter spectacle with or without a numbered glass in it. It is one of the most popular laptop accessories in use for working professionals and gamers.


Having a set of external speakers is essential if you are a laptop user because most often the speakers on a laptop are not as loud as you would want them to be and even if they are, you would find that the stereo quality of the speakers is quite lacking due to the design of all laptops. You should definitely consider getting an external speaker if you watch a lot of movies with your friends or your family on your laptop.


Headphones are another essential gaming laptop accessory. If you play a lot of online multiplayer games then you would know that the laptop speakers are not very immersive and provide a poor gaming experience as compared to a set of good quality headphones. They work great if you are watching a movie alone or listening to music and do not want to disturb the people around you. Make sure that you get a pair of headphones that are not too bulky and which you can carry around to compliment the portability of your laptop.

Printer / Scanner

If you deal with a lot of physical paperwork then getting a printer and scanner is very important for you. Make sure that you find one that is portable enough to use with your laptop and give preference to a wireless model as compared to a wired one. Since wired printers / scanners work well with a desktop it is not a good idea to get one for your laptop because of the limited ports available on it. You can find a lot of wireless printers and scanners that work on either a Bluetooth connection or with a WiFi connection (if your devices are connected to the same network).

Laptop Bag

If you have a laptop, you just can’t live without a laptop accessories bag. You will need one to carry your laptop and also the accessories of your laptop along with you. Try to find a laptop accessories bag that is not very bulky and which has a separate compartment for your laptop charger along with ample space for the accessories that you would need on a daily basis. It is best if you get a waterproof laptop bag to keep your laptop safe when you are traveling on a rainy day to work or college.


Since there is a lot of limitation of space on your compact laptop, there would be only a couple of USB ports and other such connection ports that you can find on it. You would find yourself running out of USB ports as soon as you connect your external keyboard and mouse to your laptop. Make sure that you get an external USB port that has at least 4 other USB ports.

Laptop Table for Bed

If you have a habit of using your laptop on your bed at night like most other people, then a laptop table is essential for you. It can help you deal with the cramps in your neck that occurs when you strain your neck too much while using your laptop in your bed. It can bring your laptop to a much better-elevated height which is in level with your head to give you a much more comfortable experience.

Laptop Screen Protector

A screen protector is essential not only if you have a touch screen laptop, but even if you have a regular laptop as well. If unfortunately, you scratch your laptop’s screen by accident, then you would have to live with it for the rest of the time you have your laptop, and if you decide to get it repaired it would cost you a tremendous amount. Try to get an anti-glare screen guard which would enhance your visibility and give you a much better viewing experience on your laptop.

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