Objectives of Ecommerce


How to enhance the online shopping experience and excellent customer experience? Online sellers raise this question too frequently. Different people have different objectives of e-commerce. And e-commerce is a powerful marketing tool that has opened new avenues for online retailers. A question that has come to everyone’s minds these days is, now that everything’s online, will offline retailers have to think of other sources of income. The answer is, everyone can remain in business – both online and offline sellers. They have to improve their online shopping experience or digital shopping experience. But that will give rise to another query, and that is how? The answer is by providing a hybrid online shopping experience.

What is a Hybrid Online Shopping Experience?

Hybrid online shopping experience has given the opportunity to retailers to explore new arenas of e-commerce experience and upgrade online customer experience. It aids in combining certain elements of online shopping and offline shopping so that customers do not miss out on the benefits provided by these two platforms. Digitization has allowed online retailers to think about providing innovative online shopping experiences. Hybrid online shopping experience can be understood with the help of the following instances. 

Suppose a customer purchases a product online and pays online too but collects the product from a company’s local store. Isn’t that innovative? That is the essence of the hybrid online shopping experience. You offer the best of both worlds. While online shopping and online payment make the process smoother and easier, offline collection of the products helps you examine them and make a well-informed purchase decision. It is all about finding ways to upgrade the online customer experience by using the right techniques and strategies that make online selling effective.

Why go for a Hybrid Online Shopping Experience?

There are several reasons why an online retail business should go for a hybrid online shopping experience.

They are as Given Below:

  1. One System Helps you Manage all Platforms

    – With the help of a hybrid online shopping experience, you don’t need to have multiple systems to manage all platforms. One system can help you manage all platforms – both online and offline and B2B and B2C platforms.

  2. Hybrid Online Shopping Experience gives a Competitive Edge

    – An online retailer can have the edge over their competition with a hybrid online shopping experience as such an e-commerce experience gives the online retailers easier access to the market.

  3. Companies have a Better Response Mechanism in Place

    – Online retailers can respond to any changes in market and needs of the customers within a short span of time. All they have to do is think of ideas to upgrade the online customer experience. Online retailers know how to manage all the products in a unified manner – hybrid online shopping experience allows retailers to keep an eye on all the products in a unified manner.

What is a striking example of an online retailer providing a hybrid online retail shopping experience that helps achieving objectives of e-commerce?

A striking example of an online retailer which allows customers to look for second-hand cars at a discounted price. Customers look for second-hand cars and contact the company directly with the help of the contact number provided. What more? They get to personally go to the company’s address and test the car before deciding on a purchase. This is a convenient way of deciding on purchase as all customers are looking for is a tension-free and smooth shopping process. Online retailers want to improve online shopping experience so that customers feel a positive emotional connection, also known as Brand Salience, and wish to return to the company repeatedly, thus giving rise to repeat business for the online retailer.

As per Forrester’s Customer Experience Index, in 2017, hybrid customer experiences help in improving loyalty by 1 %, which you won’t believe actually matters as per statistics.

How to Improve Hybrid Online Shopping Experience or Digital Shopping Experience?

There are many ways by which online retailers can increase the hybrid online shopping experience. Let us go over them in the following points to achieve the objectives of e-commerce:

    1. Have a Hybrid Online Marketing Strategy in Place

      – Formulating a proper marketing strategy using the right tools is absolutely essential if you wish to leverage the hybrid online shopping process. The strategy that works for one online retailer might make other retailers think, am I making a mistake? discover various kinds of strategies that suit not only your business but also your customers.

    2. Sit Down and Brainstorm Ideas to Change your Online Retail Business into a Hybrid Business

      – Look for new ideas to change from just an online business to a hybrid one so that you can provide the best innovative online shopping experience to your valuable customers.

    3. Convert your Innovative Ideas into Action

      – Put your ideas into action and check the effect of your ideas on brand loyalty and repeat business. Find the gap between what you thought of achieving and what you have actually achieved and use new techniques and plans to bridge that gap.

    4. Go for New Technologies

      – Investment is a vital part of any business, but you should invest wisely. So go for those technologies that promise assured results.

    5. Go for the Best Company that Provides the Most Competitive Technological Solutions

      – Go for those companies that provide technological solutions that are best in the business. 


Shopping experiences and platforms have gone for a makeover in this new age of globalization, urbanization, and technological revolution. Online retailers are increasingly focusing on those strategies that help them improve themselves and achieve their objectives of e-commerce. Therefore, they are hybridizing the shopping experience for customers. The idea is to provide the best digital shopping experience as no customer will like to settle for less. Even online retailers know this, and they want online shoppers to gain more from their digital shopping experience or e-commerce experience. All hail online shopping and its experience!

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