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Before you start with the list of reasons for tagging chocolate as a healthy option, remember that finding chocolates with a higher cacao content is essential. We are also insinuating that eating a couple of pieces every day is healthy and not in packs. Well, here are the top benefits of chocolate.

Weight Loss

If you are thinking twice about shopping at Patchi because of your weight loss program, remember that chocolate is not an enemy for weight loss. According to Will Clower, a renowned neuroscientist, consuming a piece of chocolate (higher cacao content) after a meal can help avoid urges for snacks by 50%. Chocolate helps to trigger brain hormones that will make you feel satisfied.

 Exercise and Stamina

The International Society of Sports Nutrition Journal shows that dark chocolate improves oxygen availability, which will increase the stamina during your fitness training. A study conducted on cyclists shows that consumption of dark chocolate allowed the cyclists to cover more distance, and the riders utilized lesser oxygen than those who did not consume dark chocolate. 


Consuming chocolate can help to increase blood circulation to your brain. According to studies conducted on Alzheimer’s patients, chocolate with high cacao content can improve brain activity. Thus, your purchase at Patchi is helping you stay smart. Chocolate helps to enhance DG function in the brain, which could decline over age. Apart from cognitive development, chocolate can improve memory power too. 

Skin Health

Chocolate helps to improve your skin health by reducing sun damage to the skin. Moreover, dark chocolate can reduce stress, which would add more glow to the skin. If you are in a beauty regime, the Patchi site is a savior for you. Magnesium in chocolate helps in generating collagen, which keeps your skin young. Calcium in chocolate helps in repairing skin cells. Apart from these, the antioxidants in chocolate help in improving the elasticity of the skin.  


Coffee is the ultimate solution for anyone looking for caffeine. However, do you know that dark chocolate has 43mg per 100g of caffeine? Dark chocolates from Patchi are best for athletes, as it improves the oxygen in muscles and boosts energy. 

Increases Longevity

Your purchase at Patchi can go a long way to improve your health and longevity. Dark chocolate’s antioxidant, along with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, will help you stay healthy longer. The oldest person to ever live, Jeanna Louise Calment (122 years), mentioned that cacao is an integral part of her meal. 

Mental Health

Chocolate keeps you happy. It is a comfort food too. Chocolate helps to improve mental health thanks to its tryptophan and theobromine content. If you feel dull or depressed, it is best to buy Patchi online products to boost you. 

Heart Health

Chocolate contains antioxidants, which help reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems, improve blood flow, reduce blood pressure, and so on. Do not use chocolate as an alternative for your heart medicine, but adding Patchi products to your daily meal can be very helpful. 

Chocolate contains flavonoids, which help arteries and veins to be healthy. More than seven studies show that consuming dark chocolate helps to reduce heart attack and stroke. An individual consuming a couple of servings of dark chocolate every week is 37% less likely to get a heart attack and 29% less likely to get a stroke. Aspirin helps people to prevent clotting of blood. Many studies show that chocolate can have the same effect on blood circulation. Better circulation can also improve your vision. 

Blood Pressure

The human body needs Nitric Oxide to allow the arteries to relax. When the arteries relax, it reduces the blood vessels’ pressure, which would regulate your blood pressure. Flavanols in chocolate help in generating NO. Dark chocolate can help to reduce the chances of arteries clogging by lowering bad cholesterol. Cocoa butter found in chocolate helps to improve good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol from the system.  

Good for Pregnant Women

High blood pressure due to pregnancy is called preeclampsia. Theobromine in dark chocolate helps in stimulating the arteries to dilate. A pregnant woman who regularly consumes chocolate is 40% less likely to develop preeclampsia. 30g of chocolate per day can help in improving the development and growth of the fetus. 

Insulin Regulation

Diabetic patients might assume chocolate to be a greater evil in the diet regime. However, consuming a low quantity of high cacao chocolate will increase the metabolism rate of the body. This increase will stimulate the functioning of insulin, thereby bringing blood sugar level down. 


Chocolate with higher cocoa content (more than 75%) is better than many snack variants. Chocolate has magnesium, iron, fiber, zinc, potassium, and selenium. 100g of a chocolate bar can replenish 50% of your daily requirement of magnesium, 10% of RDA for fiber, and 67% of iron. You can replace your snacks with a piece of chocolate. 

Gut Health

A study published in the Frontiers in Pharmacology journal shows that chocolate aids in digestion. Chocolate will act as a prebiotic. Prebiotic is a fiber, which helps in increasing good gut bacteria. These bacteria help in better absorption of nutrients, which leads to a healthy metabolism rate.  

Cancer-fighting Food

Dark chocolate contains cocoa flavonols like quercetin and epicatechin, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These abilities can help in keeping free radicals under control. Dark chocolate is a healthy way to reduce the chances of getting cancer. 

Choosing the Right Chocolate

Visit Desertcart to enquire about Patchi chocolate price. While the price is an essential factor while selecting any product, it is not the only factor to consider. The quality of the product, cacao amount, type of sweetener used, and other ingredients are essentially important. 

Visit the Patchi online site and buy the chocolate of your choice. You can find various options, starting from very dark chocolate to exciting options like hard candy, luxury assortment, sugar-free chocolate, milk chocolate, etc. Compare the ingredients and the Patchi chocolate price for each type of chocolate before purchasing. Each product is unique in taste and nutritional value, so try to taste them all.

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