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The pandemic 2020 has brought about a big change in the way the shopping sector works. The global lock down has seen a significant shift in consumer behavior when it comes to shopping. Be it daily essentials and household items, or clothes and electronics, people are buying using the online shopping portals. Covid-19 has been a major factor behind this change of shopping habit. Consumers now prefer to shop from online shopping sites because it is much more convenient. With door-step deliveries, online shopping has become a breeze. Like a product? One-click and get it at your door. Don’t like what you bought, easy return policies are a charm for such scenarios.

The shopping sector of the UAE has always been heavily dependent on tourists. But with the recent travel restrictions, the retail sector is one of the worst-hit ones. This has given an opportunity to the eCommerce shopping sites to flourish. Many retailers are advancing to the online shopping portals in Dubai to offer their products and services to a larger consumer base. The customers also get access to unlimited products online. They can compare prices, read reviews, and make an informed decision. The shopping portals online such as Dessertcart and Amazon help the local businesses to sell their products through their portals and be at the forefront of the online shopping industry. The array of products and categories at Desertcart is beyond amazing. With quality service and prompt resolution to customer queries, DesertCart has become a favorite among customers worldwide.

The uprise of the eCommerce shopping portals in the UAE

The eCommerce scenario is changing rapidly in the UAE. At present, the eCommerce sector in the UAE represents about 4.2 per cent of the total retail revenue. It is expected to grow up to 23 per cent by the end of 2022. These numbers are more than enough proof of the fact that consumer behavior is tilting towards online shopping. The online shopping portals attract customers to shop online by giving out amazing discounts and deals. Slowly but surely, UAE is seeing a pivotal shift towards online shopping operations.

Some statistics coming your way that support the eCommerce trend in the UAE

  • The DED trader license, Dubai, has seen an overflow of applicants. As many as 943 licenses for new businesses were issued till March 2020. This is an almost 179 per cent increase in comparison to the first three months of the year 2019;
  • In May 2020, the eCommerce retail sector in the UAE was issued 196 business licenses;
  • The first five months of 2020 saw a 300 percent increment in the eCommerce services.

The online shopping portals in UAE have also seen a significant rise in their consumer demands. Online shopping operations have become much more convenient. The sellers realize that eCommerce is the future and tapping into its vast arena is beneficial in the long run.

A quick glance at the current best online shopping portals in the UAE

  • DesertCart
  • Amazon
  • Awok
  • CareemEats (previously known as Uber Eats)
  • Noon
  • eBay
  • Deliveroo

These are some of the best shopping portals online that offer a great variety of products and services to a large audience. Their reliable customer support and prompt services make them the best in their field, i.e., eCommerce.

Long before the lock-down impositions and covid-19, people were slowly turning to online shopping. The pandemic only gave a slight nudge to the process. The residents of UAE comfortably adapted to the eCommerce shopping portals when the need arose. This means that the UAE was already shifting to online shopping operations, and the restrictions only fast-tracked the transformation. UAE, especially Dubai, has always been adapting and changing to develop. Be it the government or the citizens, steady support is provided at every turn. This unwavering support results in rapid innovation and faster eCommerce growth.

Reasons behind the drastic shift to online shopping portals in Dubai

  • The rise of the eCommerce sector has also seen an increase in the customer’s trust in online shopping sites. With transparent return policies and the availability of authentic products, the customers are able to trust the online portals. This trust has enabled many new eCommerce sites to establish their businesses online.
  • There are several electronic payment modes such as Smart Dubai, Ali Pay, PayFort (an online payment platform by Amazon), etc. available. These modes of online payment establish a sense of security in the customer’s mind. The citizens of the UAE have been very supportive of the e-payment modes and platforms;
  • The internet penetration rate in the UAE is higher than in the USA and China. This is a leading factor in the tilt towards the eCommerce shopping sites;
  • Even the retailers with a physical store are offering their products online. This has also led to the strengthening of online shopping operations.

A boost to the new online shopping portals in the UAE

The Dubai Government has always been supportive. To uplift and motivate eCommerce players, the government has committed to building a free-trade zone. The dedicated eCommerce zone offers various incentives and tax-free status to the online shopping portals. Getting a license for eCommerce is now a seamless process. All these factors give a boost to the morale of the businesses. With the government at their aid, the online shopping portals in Dubai are set to thrive in the coming years.

Final words

The online shopping operations as well as experiences have seen a major change in the past year. With everyone having access to the internet via their PCs, laptops, and smartphones, online shopping has become the new normal. UAE has always been growing and developing. The citizens are not afraid to adapt to new things. As the mode of shopping changes, the customers’ expectations also rise with it. Different modes of payments, better product quality, and faster delivery. With some of the best online shopping portals such as Desertcart entering the eCommerce arena, the online shopping operations are only going to be strengthened further.

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