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Benefits of Using Plant-based Oil for Skincare

The Ordinary is of the few leading skincare brands that provide high-quality plant-based oil. While there are numerous chemical and non-chemical forms of skincare products, plant-based oils are getting more popular. Are you wondering why The Ordinary products are beneficial? Here is everything you need to know about the benefits of plant-based oil on your skin.

Plant-based Oil vs. Chemical Products

The plant-based oil is non-toxic and rich in nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, and others. On the other hand, even the medical-grade cosmetics brands are chemical-laden and can cause several side effects. Although it is oil, plant-based oil is not greasy or comedogenic. Thus, it is best for all kinds of skin. Since they have a simple structure, your skin can easily absorb the oil to the deepest dermal layer.

Plant-based oil also helps to defend the lipid barrier of the skin. It is a humectant and aids in keeping your skin moist. Why does my skin need oil? Doesn’t the skin gland secrete oil naturally? Yes, there is a natural secretion of oil in the deeper layers of your skin. The topmost layer of your skin is a combination of dead skin cells combined with oils or lipids. When the layer gets deprived of oil, it becomes dry, crack, or even become prone to pollutants. The plant-based oil will add the required oil content to your skin, and by protecting the lipid barrier, it prevents the moisture of your skin from getting evaporated.

Benefits of Plant-based Oil in your Skincare Routine

Avoid Dry Flakes

The plant-based oil keeps your skin well moisturized by providing oil. Well, will buying Ordinary products in the UAE make my skin very oily? Well, there is a vast difference. Your hormones allow oil secretion, which allows your skin to heal and repair. It is your natural form of anti-aging mechanism. If your skin product makes your face feel like you have just come out of the shower, it is drying out. When your skin dries out, your hormones will produce more oil to compensate. Thus, Ordinary products will make your skin less oily by providing adequate oil is the best way to keep it less oily. The plant oil is an emollient, which softens and seals the outer skin layer, avoiding water loss.


The Ordinary products will keep your skin with enough oil. It provides a protective cover, which traps the bacteria and dirt. It will reduce the chances of acne since the oil will restrict dirt from accumulating inside pores. However, the overproduction of oil can also lead to acne and skin problems. Thus, avoid your skin from drying out entirely by ordering Ordinary Moroccan Argan tree oil products. This product will not cause oily residue and, at the same time, provides antioxidants and other nutrients.


The most common reason people buy The Ordinary products is the ability to reduce the chances of fine lines and wrinkles. When your skin is healthy with antioxidants, Vitamin A, K, E, and D, it remains elastic with good tissue health. This ability allows your skin to stay firm. When the skin loses elasticity, it tends to gain wrinkles and lines. Plant oil helps to restore the elasticity of the tissues. Vitamin E and D helps to avoid wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin K enables the skin to heal faster. When the skin heals more swiftly, it prevents or reduces acne marks, injury scars, blemishes, and others.

The polyphenols and fatty acids that are found in the plant oil will aid in reducing the probability of premature aging. Free radical damage is one of the leading causes of wrinkles and premature aging. The vitamins in the oil will help to nullify the effect of the free radicals. Choose oils rich in vitamin C, E, and beta carotene to plump up your skin and hide those wrinkles.


There are products for both oily and dry skin in the market. The problem comes when you have sensitive skin. Even the mildest chemical product can irritate. However, plant oil is suitable for sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, avoid tea tree oil, as it could be too harsh on your skin. The other plant oils are best even for overnight use. The oils add antioxidants and fatty acids to your skin to create a barrier to keep the pollutants away.

Removes Pigmentation

Do not believe in advertisements that say plant oil can reduce your skin tone by several points. However, plant oil can deal with hyper-pigmentation. The vitamin E in the oil helps to correct hyper pigmentation spots on your skin. It can also help to remove stretch marks, scars, and uneven skin texture.

Anti-inflammatory Products

Many plant oils like tea tree-based and buck thorn-based The Ordinary products help avoid redness, inflammation, and swelling. These benefits will allow the user to have a clear and clean sin. Tea tree oil can help to treat burns and dark spots too. When applied to new pimples, it helps to avoid acne scars.

How to add Plant Oil to your Skincare Routine?

The thumb rule for any skincare regime is light to thick. The oils and serums are the lightest items, and they are the first products to use on your skin. Then, move on to sunscreen or moisturizers, if you need any. Add a few drops of the plant oil into your serum to enhance the treatment. You can either apply the oil throughout your face or use it to treat dark spots like a spot treatment.

The Ordinary products are solutions to numerous skin related problems like psoriasis, allergy, and others. Remember that each product has its list of advantages. You should choose the right product for your skin type, the problem at hand, and so on. In general plant-based oils can help in cell regeneration, improving elasticity, hydration, scar reduction, anti-inflammation, and others. However, you can talk to an expert on which The Ordinary product is right for your skin. As mentioned before, getting your skin more oily or dry is not ideal. Thus, identifying the right product is paramount.

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