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The Science And Culture Behind Japanese Interior Décor

When it comes to Japanese interior décor, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is a tearoom with mat, futon, straw-based accessories, clay showpieces, etc. You can find many such fixtures in the Daiso page of Desertcart. What is so special about Japanese interior design? According to historians, the science behind interior decoration started in the 8th century. Japanese home decor is very unique from the rest of the world. It is a perfect mix of natural elements, classy elements, uncluttered free space, ancient customs, balanced home decor – that can be adopted by anyone across the world. Daiso lets you bring home the most exotic and unique home decor from Japanese culture and tradition. Zen believes in a total peaceful ambiance, lack of clumsy decor, plenty of free space, and a touch of nature.


Japanese domestic decoration covers natural elements to bring out a sense of tranquility. Urban dwellers choose to add wood felt, pine smell, and water-based decorations to bring them closer to water and nature. You can find many felt-based décor items and craft material at the Daiso site. Japanese culture holds immense love and respect for nature that makes Japanese to include various natural objects in their indoors too. They believe that the best way to maintain a strong bond with nature and mother Earth is by bringing nature indoors.

Rustic Material

If you check the Daiso page, you will find numerous clay-based articles and even soft clay to make your items. The Japanese use various natural products, like stone, solid wood, and clay, to make décor items and furniture. The science behind this choice is the ability of these materials to remove stress. The natural products can emit warmth, and this can help to brighten the environment. Rustic teapots, pen stands, placemats, wall hangings, wooden logs, etc. are a common sight in Japanese home decor that gives an oriental look. Since the Japanese prefer to include more natural elements, it would be a safe guess when it comes to natural sunlight. If you look at a Japanese inspired home decor, you will find less artificial lights installed in the house that are traded for natural sunlight. Nevertheless, you can also find old-style lamps, mostly rustic, which makes the space look extremely stunning. 


Japanese give more importance to having plants in their home. It helps to bring nature and life into the house. You can easily find small bamboo or bonsai to grow indoors. You can buy clay from Daiso to make your pot. The clay you see on the site will have many colors. Each color represents a separate element, season, and cultural sentiment in Japanese culture. 

Ornamental Hair Accessories

The use of ornamental hair accessories for décor and daily use started in the Jomon Period. The decorated stick comes with intricate design. You can find ornamental hair accessories at the Daiso online page. Ornamental hair accessories such as clips made with artificial flowers, leaves, cats, natural elements (sun, rainbow, clouds, rain, etc) are very popular, and are available on Daiso. These are specifically preferred by the Japanese because according to their historical beliefs, wearing these can cast away evil eyes and spirit. Owing to this belief, Kanzashi (ornamental hair accessories) have attracted the attention of people from different cultures and backgrounds globally. 


Cats are a critical element in the history and culture of Japan. You can find numerous cat-based designs in Daiso online pages, like cat-shaped book holders, key chains, chopsticks, and others. Locals believe that cats can bring blessings and good luck. If you wish to add some lucky charm to your home, try to add cat figurines and structures to your décor. 


Buy calligraphy ink from Daiso online site to create art. The calligraphic art is a form of communication started by Zen. Calligraphic art brings wisdom and harmony. It also represents balance and beauty. Cursive and calligraphy are not the same. Calligraphy is an aesthetic way of expressing, and it is a beautiful art medium. This art form is passed on to next generations to emphasize on balance and beauty in writing. 


You would see that most of the Daiso website’s items are simple and minimalistic in design. It is the core of Zen. It allows people to keep homes as minimalistic as possible. Open space, simple structure, and uncluttering allow them to keep a tight balance. It is also a statement against modern consumerism. Anything beyond bare essential is luxury and considered as waste. It also indicates that people should slow down life and enjoy by creating space and time for everything. For Japanese, “less is more” and they completely avoid showing extravagance in their decor that tells us this is the key to a happy and peaceful life. 

Soaking Tubs

Soaking tubs are an extremely important element in any Japanese home interior planning. Similar to plants, water is given equal importance in the Japanese culture and homes. Ofuro, meaning bath in Japanese, is thus an exquisite element to include in your Japanese home decor from Daiso. These small soaking tubs are small in size and comprises small benches that instantly create a spa-like ambiance in your bathroom. Once upon a time, these were used for the purpose of ritual purification, but now its utility has changed in some houses to give an aesthetic appearance. I say aesthetic because, if this doesn’t look absolutely stunning and aesthetic, no other elements of Japanese decor will. Daiso helps you to bring Japanese culture into your home. Japanese culture helps you to create a happier home closer to nature. While everyone is running around without taking a deep breath, Japanese décor will help you break from chains. It will inspire you to embrace more nature, be close to plants, the Sun, the Earth, be more thoughtful of the environment, and remove all extravagant decor out of your room. With Daiso’s choice of excellent Japanese home decor items, your room will be instantly transformed into a fairy house.

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