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Here it is, another Monday. Again. How is one expected to wake up early after a relaxing weekend and go to work with an up-and-running, fully functional head? That’s right, with some caffeine in their system. It’s time for some coffee! And what better coffee shop to go to for some premium brewed coffee than Starbucks?

Starbucks is a premium coffee brand that offers its customers various unique blended beverages such as teas and coffees. This coffee chain also has a huge diversity in food, desserts, and merchandise, with the latter being displayed directly for the consumers to purchase and take home. There are millions of interactions between a Starbucks barista and the customer each day, but each of these interactions is unique and personal to each buyer’s tastes and preferences. This premium coffee brand has grown rapidly to take over the entire coffee brewing industry to become the number one chain, known worldwide. Starbucks promises each customer the attention they deserve, in a location they deserve, and made with ingredients they deserve – most of which have been made available for direct purchase by them! The company, on the Starbucks official website, claims that each transaction is a connection between the barista and the customer’s outstretched hand.

With the COVID-19 pandemic showing no signs of subsiding, several retailers have moved to the e-marketplace; and premium coffee and tea breweries such as Starbucks is no exception. While the official Starbucks website and other food delivery apps have always partaken in delivering ready-to-consume blended beverages to the consumer’s doorstep, the coffee brand has now begun doing the same with its merchandisemugs and accessories, books and gifts, coffee and tea brewing equipment, you name it!

As even more people seek the ease and convenience of shopping from their homes, online shopping is now stronger than ever. As shoppers look to buy online to satisfy their shopping needs, the e-commerce marketplace has reached an all-time peak, even more so now in the aftermath of COVID-19 with its lockdown.

So, what are some of these famous Starbucks products you can buy online? 

Merchandise – Mugs and Drinkware

As Starbucks company likes to say, “for every perfect beverage, there is a perfect cup.”

Starbucks has just the right mug to keep your drinks warm or cold, no matter if the weather calls for warm cardigans or sunglasses. They have reusable tumblers made specially for every season and festival to ensure their customers have all their celebrated occasions covered. All of their mugs, commemorative cups, and warm and cold drinkware come with double-wall technology that ensures the drink stays at just the right temperature without the customer’s hands feeling it.

Starbucks products like mugs and drinkware in the form of a variety of tumblers that differ from one another not just in the look, design, and feel, but size as well. They come with travel mug lids, easy-to-hold shapes in the form of a sippy-cup bottle, handles to allow for convenient mobility, and many more! The customer also has a choice to pick their shape and make their own desired mug if they do not like any of the designs offered, or even if they just want to have a personalized mug for a commemorative occasion. Other commonly popular designs include a simple white or black coat with the Starbucks logo on it.

For tea, Starbucks now has its own line of merchandise! The Starbucks Teavana is an innovative new way to enjoy tea. This unique, minimalist tea serveware complements their bold new Starbucks Teavana packed teas with clean and clear lines.

The mug includes a two-toned style comparing a high gloss white top with a matt grey dipped bottom featuring ceramic pieces. With a frosted rim, the glassware pieces feature a similar look. There are the small and medium ceramic mugs with acacia wood lids that are a part of their practical and beautiful range of mugs for enjoying premium tea the way it deserves. 

Brewing Machines

Starbucks brand recognizes that its customers would like to enjoy their premium blended beverages from the comfort of their homes as well. This is more important given the present times with the COVID-19 pandemic making lockdowns mandatory. The premium coffee brand has made available four customer-favourite coffee presses. These are – the 4C Coffee Press, 8C Coffee Press Stainless Steel, 4C Oval Pattern Coffee Press, and 8C Oval Pattern Coffee Press. Using these coffee press brewing machines coupled with the premium coffee beans Starbucks sells, consumers can now enjoy the rich, toasty, and premium coffee from their own kitchens! The coffee press machines with their stainless-steel design ensure that your kitchen looks professional and neat, and has a premium look-and-feel to it. 


Apart from other Starbucks products online, the premium coffee brand also has a range of its own accessories. Since the company’s primary focus is brewing coffee and tea and making innovative blended beverages from them, this range of accessories is quite limited. The Starbucks official website – which is easy to navigate, minimalist, detailed yet readable, and offers a comprehensive list of all the Starbucks stores, menus, offers, special festive drinks, customer loyalty programme details, contact information, history, and many more interesting features – also includes a detailed overview of all the merchandise it has to offer. These have lucrative photos to accompany them and create a sense of pride in the potential customer for owning the product.

Currently, the Starbucks website only offers three accessories to accompany their very diverse range of other merchandise such as mugs, drinkware, coffee press machines, and tea serveware. These are a stainless-steel coffee scoop holding 2 tablespoons of ground coffee; a white, ceramic pour over to accompany their premium coffee press machines, and a reusable VIA canister. Providing their customers with a reusable canister goes a long way in setting an example for the industry – not just the coffee brewing industry, but the entire food and beverage sector – in being environmentally conscious and ensuring that only sustainable materials are increasingly used. Starbucks has also recently announced reusable straws and recyclable lids as part of the same initiative.  

Go and grab your favorite Starbucks Products Online from an online store now!

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