Features of e-Commerce Sites

A dynamic eCommerce website is extremely crucial to lead an online business to the highest level of success. Consumers nowadays are very conscious of what they are being served with over the internet. Online shopping is one of the most popular enterprises and the industry has witnessed a tremendous surge of e-commerce websites in the market. In this competitive era, an e-commerce website must be depicted with all the significant features for allowing consumers to relish the ultimate convenience of online shopping. So, if you looking forward to attaining success in your online business, check out these must have features for e-commerce sites:

  1. User-friendly:

One of the most important features on e-Commerce Sites is user-friendliness. A highly responsive website that loads faster without taking much time and delivers the content in a dynamic presentation easily wins the heart of the visitors at the very first impression. The website must have easy-to-access features along with a suitable navigation arrangement. This user-friendly interface allows visitors to navigate through the website without any hassle. This improves usability as well as the delivery of content. The users can easily access the products they want to buy from the site without putting much effort. 

  1. Mobile-friendly:

Mobile-friendliness is again one of the most important eCommerce Sites features. Almost everyone around the globe prefers using mobile devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets and pads for various tasks over the internet including online shopping. Websites that feature mobile-friendly interface gives the users a swift online shopping experience. People can browse products on an eCommerce site using any device from anywhere, anytime!

  1. Wish-list:

One of the most useful shopping site features is the Wish List. An online shopping site with a wish list section allows the users to save items for later. By wish listing products, users can separate their chosen products from the crowd and get direct access to those products for future purchase. Having a one-click option for a wish list with each product page simplifies the whole shopping experience and reduces the efforts.

  1. Automatic Recommendations:

A highly responsive eCommerce portal comes with the dynamic features of online shopping sites and Automatic Recommendations is one of them. Showing similar products or relevant buying ideas besides the browsed item effectively influences the users to make further buying decisions. This also helps the buyers to eventually get their ideal products through constant browsing. This feature simply facilitates more sales by insisting customers with auto-generated purchase ideas.

  1. Multiple Payment Options:

Among the all eCommerce Sites features, the convenience of multiple payment options is again an essential one. Offering various payment alternatives like card payments, online banking, e-wallets, and even COD (Cash on delivery) allows the users to pay as per their choice. The easy-payment methods further grow the number of sales as people prefer less hassle and complexities. 

  1. Product Filters:

To ensure better usability and quick browsing of products, product filters is one of the essential e-Commerce Sites features. With the help of this feature, users can save a lot of time and effort. They can browse products as per their preference. They can also determine the budget and browse products accordingly. By adding proper filtering, the users can pick the right size, colour, type, brand, etc. 

  1. Multiple Categories:

A eCommerce site must have a well-organized section of product categories. It allows the users to browse products as per the categories. If an eCommerce store features a multitude of products, the website must have an organized layout of sectioning of products. It enhances the presentation of the online shopping portal and customers will face zero difficulty in exploring items during the time of online shopping.  

  1. Order-history tracking:

Order-history is one of the must have features for e-commerce sites. This particular section of the website allows the users to keep a proper tracking of their past orders. If the user is having an active order in transit, this section will allow them to follow the whole shipment status until the product is being delivered at a higher website. In case of return or replacement or exchange, the user can easily opt for any of these by using order-history page for the particular product. 

  1. Search Engine:

An ideal Shopping site features Search Engine to allow the customers to browse the products by entering the exact keyword. This in-built website search engine quickly presents the in-stock product on the digital screen of the user. This is a very useful feature that saves a lot of time and effort. 

  1. Security:

Another important feature of the e-commerce website is security. The URL of the eCommerce website must have SSL encryption. Ecommerce websites that require user’s sign-in, must feature two-factor authentication to ensure an extra layer of protection. A firewall is another important feature that is required especially during the procedures of the online transaction. To build elevated trust with customers, the eCommerce website must have a Privacy policy link in the footer to ensure that customer data is not transmitted to third parties.

  1. User-generated review sections:

The features of online shopping sites also include User-generated review sections. It helps in creating the foundation of trustworthiness of eCommerce services. Positive reviews and ratings from the genuine customers influence the prospects to proceed with their buying decision and it further generates brand value.

  1. Product Description with High-Resolution Content:

A eCommerce website must have genuine information about each product that is being listed for purchasing. Each product page must have an elaborated description that includes vital details regarding diverse aspects. For example, if the product page is for an electronic gadget, it must be presented with accurate product description, specification, features, warranty/guarantee details, manufacturer’s details, brand profile etc. Again, the product page must have a couple of high-resolution pictures or videos of the same product. These are the very important shopping site features. 

  1. FAQs:

Having a special section for Frequently Asked Questions is one of the vital features of online shopping sites. It is very important for clearing general doubts of the customers in the Q&A manner. This section includes essential information and details that need to be apprehended by the users while using the e-commerce facilities. It removes doubts and helps the customers to get better insights regarding the whole service. 

Wrapping up: 

So these are the must have features for e-commerce sites. These features make the online shopping site highly functional and dynamic to customer’s shopping preference. Each important feature has a different role to play and all of them offer an integrated shopping experience to the customers. A highly responsive website derives its ultimate qualities from all these essential features that make the online shopping a blissful experience! 

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