Work from Home with Kids

For a lot of parents, working from home with their kids is like walking on a 2-edged sword. In the response to Coronavirus, several firms are sending the employees to work from home. Also, daycares and schools are closing nationwide. Now, as a parent, you can see that there are plenty of Challenges of working from home, especially with kids. Have you worked from home earlier as well? Or are you new to this remote work? Irrespective of any of these 2 conditions, these times are exceptionally challenging. Yes, there are no more 2-hour commutes and the pumping soundtrack through fluorescent-light filled conference rooms & the whole office. However, this is not without a lot of other whole new issues. 

Interacting with the quaranteam

Wondering what is the most challenging aspect of working from home? Well, among the greatest ones is having the team interaction right. Interaction can be complex even at the best of times. So, what to do when you are not even in a similar physical space? Then, you need to consciously interact with things you maybe have never considered before. Well, business communication apps make it convenient to communicate with your team members & organize the correspondence. 

Tackling the kids on your own without child care

Are you a working parent who has previously held office jobs? Then you know what the juggling act is for managing your kids and still being your boss’ favorite. So, when you begin working from home, you may think that daycare is not a necessity. However, even in case you have a remote job, you will still require a bit of kid coverage. Always remember that there are pros and cons of working from home. However, it is up to you how you can turn a “con” into a “pro”. 

Staying Organized

While working and living in the same space, it can be quite easy to be disorganized. In case you have the space, attempt at working in a different place than where you spend your leisure time. It assists you to segregate play and work. In case this is not possible, keep the work desk (kitchen table etc.,) tidy and organized. Keeping the computer desktop clean as well as spending some time organizing files and folders will help you a lot. 

You always feel like you are not giving it all

A majority of days, you feel as if you are the hamster running on the wheel. Though, other days, you are flying off the wheel & crashing to the field. Now, this is one of the major cons of working from home. Some days, you will have to give more to the job & kids will eat the pepperoni pizza for dinner. Also, there will be times when you will need to put the work down because kids need your attention. 

Time Management

Schedule the day just like a usual day in your office to support yourself. For staying on schedule, decide what you will do & when, over the course of the day. Have an online calendar? Generate reminders and personal events that tell you when to switch gears & begin on new duties. Also, there are multiple apps available to assist you plan & utilize the time more effectively. 

Your loyalty might be questioned

Say that you rock at your job. However, a single bad flu bout has the kid out of commission for a few weeks. Besides, it makes you scramble for covering the workload. In terms of the pros and cons of working online from home, you get to spend more time with your little munchkin. However, you don’t want to compromise on your work loyalty too, right? So, in case your personal life is taking over for a while, discuss with your boss about the whole situation. 

Remembering to take daily breaks

Without any structure & being in a distinctive environment, you may forget to take daily breaks. These brakes can enhance productivity and mental well-being. Well, the key here is to work effectively. Make sure to set alarms on the phone to assist remind you of taking breaks. 

You may be unfairly judged by the co-workers/passed over by the employer

Clocking out of the work quickly at 5 PM? A few of the colleagues still working may shoot you the stink eye. A few not-so-kid-friendly bosses may feel the same way. Always remember that it is an undeniable point while talking about the pros and cons of employees working from home. So, let the work speak for itself. You may have to log in a few additional hours after your children go to bed for finishing tasks. However, don’t compromise on your work quality just because you are the working dad/mom. 

Switching off

Literally & metaphorically, sometimes, it is tough to view where the work ends & leisure time starts while working remotely. While working from home, people may expect you to stay available for household chores. Or, you are supposed to interact in long conversations regarding things disassociated with work. That is why it is relevant for setting boundaries and letting everyone know what you will and can respond to. Yes, spending time with family and being incapable of focusing solely on your work is the pro and con of working from home respectively. However, let people know what you won’t and can’t to avoid any major issue in the long run. 

It is not always simple to be the working guardian. After all, balancing kids and a career is not for the faint of heart. Though there are countless joys in raising kids, parents who require and/or wish to work can encounter some critical obstacles. Yes, working remotely has its own perks but you have to take care of the cons too. The point here is to ensure that you take out some time while working remotely to socially connect with others. It is more significant now than ever, with a lot of parents out there, working from home. 

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