What is Black Friday

Black Friday is celebrated mostly by retailers as the day after Thanksgiving that happens on a Thursday. It has a long history and is promoted by retailers as the start of the holiday shopping season. This shopping frenzy has slowly spread around the world. People have made it the busiest shopping day of the holiday season. Black Friday has become a very important day for the retail industry. Most retailers offer some type of discount or offer to attract buyers. In 2020 the total Black Friday sales crossed over 27 billion dollars, making it an attractive proposition for customers, manufacturers, and global retailers. According to Adobe; consumers spent more than 9 billion dollars doing online shopping on Black Friday in 2020.

The History and Origin of Black Friday

The use of the name Black Friday began in the 1950s in Philadelphia. Police officers in that area were using this name internally to refer to large crowds of pedestrians and vehicles that were congesting the shopping district on this day. This also resulted in many accidents and violent situations that mandated every police officer to be on duty to manage the chaos and keep order.

The term Black Friday was first published by a rare stamp dealer named Earl Apfelbaum in 1966 in Philadelphia. This term remained regional till the year 2000.

Initially, the retailers resisted the name since it was associated with some negative events like the Black Thursday on Oct 24, 1929, when the stock market crashed and triggered the beginning of the great depression. The earlier Black Friday of Sep 24th, 1869 when the US gold market crashed. Later the Black Monday happened on Oct 19, 1987, when the Dow Jones index dropped 22 percent and became the largest one-day drop in stock market history. Eventually, the retailers decided to create a new story for the term Black Friday to create a positive association since the holiday shopping season always boosted their sales.

Why is it called Black Friday?

This term was coined during the 1960s to kickstart the Christmas shopping season. During the olden days accounting records were maintained manually due to the lack of modern technologies like computers, accounting software. Hence they used red ink to denote a loss and black ink to denote profit in their accounting books. After the start of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in 1924 which happened on a Thursday the following Friday was the unofficial start of the busy holiday shopping season. The start of the season brought profit to businesses which were recorded in black ink and eventually the Black Friday name became popular.

The Black Friday Sale

This day has become the busiest shopping day of year in recent years as it kicks off the holiday season. The shopping season has become important for the economy and for retailers; especially the online retail giants to increase sales and profits. According to some details from the National Retail Federation (NRF), about 84.2 million people shopped in stores in 2019 during the Black Friday Sale. About 37.8 million shopped on Thanksgiving day hence making it 189.6 million people who shopped over the 4 day Black Friday weekend! This was a straight 14% increase over 2018 shopping.

The holiday season sale starts usually much earlier than Black Friday since 59% of shoppers stated that they started making holiday purchases by the beginning of November. So along with online shopping people have started visiting the physical stores as well to buy all their desired products. About 69% of the customers have said they have found almost everything they are looking for and also felt safe shopping in stores. Clothing and accessories are one of the tops categories people prefer along with beauty and skincare products. The skin does need to be pampered especially during the cold months which dries out the skin. Winter clothing is also a priority for many people who prefer to gear up for the cold weather.

Why is the Black Friday Sale So Attractive for Buyers?

Black Friday became a very popular shopping day over the years as retailers realized that they could draw big crowds by giving products at discounted prices. They proved to be better than last-minute Christmas sales. Electronic stuff and popular toys were in huge demand and were given at highly discounted prices making it very lucrative to shop during the Black Friday Sale. Retails stores and online retailers have adopted several strategies to push sales by releasing Ads. They give special discount coupons to customers beforehand. Prices are slashed for most products and the buyers always saved more money when they shop and take advantage of the low prices and the special deals and offers.

The Black Friday Deals

Most of the popular deals are centered around consumer electronics, such as TVs, computers, gaming systems, laptops, audio equipment, and tablets. Some customers prefer to go to the physical stores and wait in queues for hours; while others prefer to shop online to avoid crowds and save time. Especially the Covid situation has forced more people to opt for online shopping. Retailers have begun offering deals to online shoppers that kick off at the same time as in-store deals making it more attractive and easy to get the benefit. Several customers are preferring to shop online to find a wide variety of product categories. They prefer retailers who can get the stuff directly delivered to their doorstep. Popular companies like Desertcart are offering excellent offers and deals on multiple product categories.

Some retailers start their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving day and continue to run the sales till the weekend. This is a holiday shopping season and people eagerly wait for this sale. Companies try their best to give massive discounts to attract more customers. The year 2018 was a record-breaking year since online sales crossed 6.2 billion USD. This is the best time to do pre-holiday bargain hunting and buy the stuff you require. You can choose to buy the festive gifting stuff during this time to save more money, time with lesser hassles.

Some Tips for Black Friday Shopping

  • It is better to plan well in advance and make a comprehensive list of all the stuff you need to buy for the upcoming festive season.
  • Check out all the details like store maps, store opening timing, ticket distribution details at local stores, etc.
  • Give more preference to the big-ticket items since you would be saving more on those items.
  • Check the discounts, deals, and offers details given by different stores. Check the credibility of online stores, and decide about where to buy.


The Black Friday Sale is a great time to get all your desired stuff at lower prices. And thus you can save a lot of money! Proper planning and decision-making will help you find the best deals and offers in town. Check out all the special deals offered by online retailers. Compare them with the other stores to make sure you get the best deals and offers. Buy only what you want and avoid hoarding unnecessary items that you would eventually never use. Do smart shopping to save on time, energy, and money and enjoy the shopping experience.

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