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Wellness experts say this may be an excellent time for you to start a supplement regimen. This as stress levels grow and people are searching for ways to improve their immune levels and get better nutrition. Under these extraordinary times, adding a few easy-to-take nutrients of Unknown Company to your everyday food consumption and workout schedule could go a long way towards keeping you safe and sane. 

“Ideally, you’d receive all of your nutrients from a healthful diet. But the reality is that many people are struggling to eat well and that even with a well-planned diet. Certain nutrients are hard to get,” says Samantha Cassetty, a registered dietician and specialist on nutrition and wellness. Beyond only fulfilling your basic needs, your well-being can be optimized by such nutrients. While full-fledged shortages are uncommon,” she continues, “I also see inadequacies-people who take in small quantities of some nutrients. Supplements can be useful in these situations, which are easy to take daily.

These Unknown Products do not curb the coronavirus. But experts agree that the physical, mental and emotional well-being all play a significant part. Here are the best vitamins from Unknown Brand taken right now if you’re trying to improve your immune system. Also, cure your gut or really need to relax those nervous thoughts.


While there is not one specific supplement that is the magic immunity pill. If you feel your diet is not full of a colourful array of fruits and vegetables, you can consider a daily multivitamin. In most multivitamins, the micronutrients essential for adults are there.

Vitamin C 

Everyone knows that new fruits and vegetables are the perfect way to get vitamin C, but as food stores continue to experience shortages, that’s better said than done. And while a host of meal delivery systems have stepped up to bring fresh produce to your house, a vitamin supplement can’t beat the comfort. 

This vitamin is really important,” Patel stresses, “for your health. It functions as a strong antioxidant that helps to counteract the harm of free radicals caused by the environment, refined foods, and stress, which ultimately causes damage to cells.’ “Vitamin C acts to prevent this inflammation by neutralizing these free radicals,” she says. 

Further evidence of its benefits is needed: due to the anti-inflammatory effect of vitamin C, Wuhan University in China began clinical trials in February to test high-dose vitamin C infusion as a therapy for extreme acute coronavirus-associated respiratory diseases.

Vitamin D 

“In food Kitchen Appliances, vitamin D is difficult to come by and while you can get it from sunshine. Which activates your body to make it, most of us do not get adequate, unexposed sun time,” says Cassetty. These common light therapy lamps will replicate the appearance of sunlight, but vitamin D would not have extra health benefits. 

“Vitamin D encourages a healthy immune system and it has been shown that supplementation protects against respiratory infections,” Cassetty says, “so you might want to consider it if you’re not already taking it.”


“A number of investigations have found that the cold duration has been reduced by one day. When using zinc lozenges during a cold,” Patel says. Theories include that it stops the cold virus from penetrating cells and that it eliminates inflammatory cytokines in the blood. But its exact function is unclear. 

Zinc also has a range of additional advantages, including helping to speed up wound healing, enhancing brain function, and helping to treat acne, in addition to boosting immunity. It is better to take these quick-dissolve tablets than conventional pills or capsules, too.


You’ll want to have some magnesium in your medication cabinet if you really need to calm down a little bit. “Magnesium is a mineral for relaxation,” explains Cassetty. It helps to fight the effects of stress in your body and encourages a regular period of sleep, so right now it is highly important. It’s active in the immune system as well. 

While magnesium is present in common pantry products, such as whole grains, beans and nuts, studies have shown that there is a magnesium deficiency in up to 80% of Americans. 

In powder shape, Cassetty advises taking magnesium (mixed with water). “Magnesium is a larger mineral, so it is difficult for pills to swallow,” she says. The OMG Flavored Boxes! Food is highly absorbable and makes it easy for you to get your daily dose of magnesium. While making it easier for your stomach. Also a shockingly strong flavour of this drink powder.


“The majority of your immune function hosts your gut. So it’s necessary to maintain the integrity of your GI tract,” Cassetty says. That requires a multi-pronged approach involving eating a varied high-fiber diet. Including colourful foods rich in polyphenols, and regularly enjoying fermented foods such as yoghurt. This technique means that you feed the beneficial bacteria as well as eat foods that provide them. 

Probiotic supplements can still be helpful, either if you don’t have easy access to fermented foods, or if you require an additional boost to your digestive and gut health. 

Cassetty says, “If you’re buying a probiotic, look for one that has strains that have clinically shown to produce the reaction you’re looking for”. “The strain at Culturelle, for instance, has been linked with immune benefits.” 

These capsules are vegan, gluten-free and do not contain dairy or soy, so even the most sensitive stomachs can make it easy.

“If with Nutrition Supplements you’d like to experiment, give them a shot while also trying to eat better,” Cassetty says. At this point, hand-washing, physical exercise, stress-reducing strategies and social distancing should also not be. As positive ways to remain safe.’ 

Patel adds: “I believe it is multi-factorial to maintain a healthy immune system and relieve anxiety during this difficult time”. Use this time to press all of your healthy habits on the ‘reset button’. Look at this quarantine time as a chance to rely on yourself, which will keep you well in turn and will help your immune system.

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