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There is numerous confusion about a healthy diet and health products. Some say to reduce carbs, and some advocate reducing fat from the diet. A healthy meal is a balanced meal, where micro and macronutrients should be in accordance with your daily energy requirement. If you are looking for adding healthy products to your plate, Waitrose is a helpful brand. 

High Fiber and Starch

Carbohydrates are not generally bad for your health. It would help if you had starch-rich carbohydrates to cover 1/3 of your serving. It includes pasta, bread, potato, and cereals. If you wish to make pasta from scratch instead of ready-made items with unknown ingredients, you can visit the Waitrose site.

Fiber is abundant in whole grain items and brown rice. Using potatoes with skin will also increase fiber to your diet. The best way to add fiber is oats. Visit the Waitrose online page to buy high-quality oats. Remember to add at least one starchy carb item to your plate. Do not worry about calories.

In comparison, the amount of calories provided by carbs per gram is less than fat. The serving size is essential here. Eating loads of one starchy carb per meal is not helpful, either. When you consume starch, the body creates insulin to remove the glucose out of your bloodstream. However, if you do not burn enough glucose, the remainder will become fat. Thus, carbohydrate or starch does not cause obesity, but the amount of starch that you can consume depends on your activity level. If you live a sedentary life with a desk job or do not have many outdoor activities, it is best to reduce starch intake.  

Vegetable and fruits

According to experts, an individual should eat a minimum of five portions when it comes to vegetables and fruits. It need not always be fresh fruits and vegetables. You can choose healthier canned items too. 80g of fruits or vegetables per meal is essential. It is better to add 30g of dried fruits, too, if possible. The Waitrose delivery option allows you to have ample choices when it comes to dried fruits.  

Fruits and vegetables can offer high fiber content to your plate without increasing fat or calorie. Many fruits and healthy vegetables can reduce the probability of many diseases, including heart conditions, cancer, and others. Many vitamins and minerals are available in abundance in these sources. 


Among the sources of proteins, fish is the most healthier option. Fish is rich with minerals and vitamins. Try to add two fish portions to your plate every week. Top fishes to try are tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel, cod, haddock, hake, skate, and others. If you are looking for canned fish items, try Waitrose delivery option. 

Fish adds omega-3 fatty acid to your plate. It helps to keep your brain and heart healthy. A fish-rich diet also keeps your blood pressure regularized, thereby allowing lower risks for heart attack, strokes, abnormal heart rhythms, and others. It also reduces the risk of brain-related ailments like ADHD, dementia, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and others. 

Reduce Fat and Sugar

It is best to avoid saturated fat, found in butter, sausage, pastries, cream, hard cheese, and others. You can choose unsaturated fat like fish, vegetable oil, and avocado. It is better to reduce sugar, but not avoid them altogether. Check the food labels of canned food to understand how much sugar you are consuming. If you wish to have a healthier option, try the snacks from the Waitrose site. 

It is important to add sugar to your diet, as it allows a steady nutrient supply to your body cells. However, a too high sugar-rich diet will lead to heart conditions, diabetes, obesity, and other problems. According to a study by JAMA Internal Medicine in 2014, participants who received 17-21% of calories from sugars for 15 years had 38% more probability of cardiovascular disease than those who had just 8% calories from sugar. High consumption of sugar for a more extended period can overload your liver very similar to alcohol.  


It is best to avoid all kinds of sugary, caffeinated drinks, including tea, coffee, and others. However, if you still wish to have a cup or two every day, it is best to choose tea over coffee. Coffee does have a long list of advantages, but in comparison, tea is healthier. It contains antioxidants, less caffeine content, and provides calmness. If you wish to buy high-grade tea, visit the Waitrose site.   

Tea helps to add fluids to your body and hydrate you. It also reduces the risk of developing different types of cancer. However, when you buy packed beverages, always look at the nutrient chart and the ingredients. It is easier to over consume calories while taking liquid food. Moreover, liquid food does not satisfy the hunger for long, and we tend to overeat too. Thus, it is best to choose tea over sweetened drinks, soda, or other beverages. 


Some people try to avoid nuts, as they are rich in fat. Nuts in large amounts can be very unhealthy. However, using nuts in moderation reduces weight, as it makes you feel full and reduces the urge for snacks. It also provides copper, magnesium, protein, fiber, and so on. Visit the Waitrose online page to buy high-quality nuts. 

According to a study conducted in 2016 with 819 thousand participants, consuming 20g of nuts can reduce the risk of future heart diseases by 30%. If you switch nuts for carbohydrates, you can also reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes. Although walnuts are popular and proven to be more beneficial, it is best to eat different types of nuts. However, keep an eye on the calories as nuts are densely nutrient-rich. It is best to choose dry-roasted or raw varieties over flavored, sugar-coated, or oil-roasted variants. Before you check out the Waitrose delivery option, remember that a calorie-based diet is not a one-size-fits-all option. Some people believe that there is a specific amount of calorie restriction based on age, gender, and so on. However, in reality, the calorie threshold should rely on your lifestyle. A very active person with a manual-intensive job should consume more calories than a desk-job individual who goes to the gym once a week, even if both are of the same age and gender. Choose Waitrose delivery to get healthy foods at your doorstep.

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