IQOS Heated Tobacco Products

Why is IQOS Better than your Traditional Cigarette?

IQOS is the solution for those who decided to quit traditional smoking. In simple terms, the IQOS product is an electrical heating device, which is pocket-size. This device does not burn tobacco but heats it. IQOS (pronounced as Eye-kose) is an acronym of “I Quit Original Smoking”. Remember that it still contains tobacco, because you will be using a cigarette to use the device. 

An Introduction to IQOS

Visit Desertcart for the IQOS products to find a small heating device charged by USB. These devices are not larger than a sharpie. Load tobacco cigarettes in the device and switch it on. It will not cause any smoke or flame, like a traditional cigarette. The mouthpiece sends out a small amount of smoke for the user to inhale. Moreover, it does not create ashes, smell, like regular cigarettes. Check out IQOS price at Desertcart for more details.

How do the products in the IQOS page work? The device heats the tobacco to a very low temperature and releases a small amount of nicotine. The smoke released would make the user feel stimulated temporarily. 

IQOS is Not Vaping

The most common misconception is the products of IQOS are vaping products. In reality, vaping products are e-cigars, which are not the same as IQOS. IQOS does not involve using liquids filled with nicotine and other additives. Moreover, when a person uses IQOS products, the amount of smoke and toxic chemicals inhaled during each puff is significantly lower than traditional cigarettes or e-cigarettes. Some researchers have found decreased levels of harmful carcinogens such as acrolein, formaldehyde and other volatile hydrocarbons in heat not burn products than regular cigarettes. Though tobacco companies funded most of these studies, it is advisable to interpret the results with caution. 

Scientific Research on the Toxicity of IQOS

The level of emissions of Harmful & Potentially Harmful Constituents (HPHCs) generated by Tobacco Heating Systems (THS) is 90% less than found in cigarette smoke. Furthermore, untargeted screening of the THS aerosol demonstrated that it’s significantly less complex than cigarette smoke. The exposures to the four compounds of potential toxicological concern elevated within the THS aerosol are below the extent of toxicological concern. Contrary to cigarette smoke, THS aerosol is devoid of carbon-based nanoparticles that are known to cause cardiovascular and lung disease. Recent studies in animal models of smoking-related diseases have demonstrated THS’s potential to scale back the adverse effects of smoking. 

For investigating the reduction in emissions of HPHCs that cause a decrease in exposure in humans, researchers conducted two 3-Month Reduced Exposure Studies in Japan and the United States of America. These two studies were chiefly designed to evaluate the extent of exposure reduction to HPHCs in smokers who switched to THS compared to those that continued to smoke cigarettes. Furthermore, the studies succeeded in rendering the comparison between the consequences of switching to THS with those of smoking abstinence. This study allowed a comparison of the exposure reduction possible when switching to THS with the utmost exposure reduction achieved by smoking cessation. 

Advantages for IQOS

IQOS online site does not appreciate individuals to start smoking with this product. This scientifically designed product is for those who are in the phase of giving up or reducing the amount of nicotine or tobacco. IQOS gives people a chance to get over smoking by reducing the amount of nicotine inhaled per puff and reducing the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. When a person decides to stop smoking, the body develops adverse symptoms due to the dependency, which are collectively named, withdrawal symptoms. 

Burning vs. Heating Tobacco

Before you start looking for IQOS price in details, you should know the differences you will make by choosing IQOS. What could be the difference between heating and burning tobacco? In English terms, both might seem like synonyms. In scientific terms, burning tobacco is the process in traditional cigarettes, which heats the tobacco to 600 degrees C. However, the IQOS heats the tobacco to just 350 degrees C. According to studies, the amount of exposure to tobacco or toxic elements is less when the tobacco gets heated instead of burning.  

Several studies have assessed short-term exposure to IQOS. Independent research has shown that emissions from heat not burn products can induce cytotoxicity levels, or necrobiosis, in human lung cells, which can cause inflammation, oxidative stress, and other deleterious effects on the lungs. At the end of the day, “heat not burn” products release fewer toxins than regular cigarettes may benefit from a life history of smoking. Researchers used computer modeling to estimate the possibility of cancer in subjects; they found that an individual who smokes heat not burn products could be ten times less likely to develop cancer later in life than a person who puffs cigarettes. Whereas, people smoking e-cigarettes would have a hundred times lower risk of developing cancer than a regular cigarette smoker. However, well-conducted long-term studies are required to verify the authenticity of these claims. 

Overall, heat not burn products are much better than smoking cigarettes. In terms of cancer risk from highest to lowest danger from the evidence gathered, it would be regular cigarettes, heat not burn devices followed by e-cigarettes. The computer model study compared the subject using heat not burn products to a current tobacco smoker. If we were to see the results of using heat not burn products than not smoking, we’d see an increased health risk when using these products.

IQOS offers varying types of products at a different price range. Check out the IQOS price to learn about the products that would suit you. 

IQOS price range will give everyone a standing chance to try to reduce the amount of toxin introduced into their system due to smoking. If you have a medical condition restraining you from smoking, IQOS is not the solution for you. Using IQOS is less harmful than inhaling unburnt and combusted hydrocarbons while dragging a traditional cigarette.

Though it is not a 100% healthier option for smoking, but a comparatively safer option to use.

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