• This is a Vegetarian product..
  • Japan origin matcha tea blended with pure Indian turmeric tea rich with curcumin - matcha green tea powder sourced direct farms in Uji, Japan and turmeric powder sourced from farms in Andhra Pradesh, India. Non-GMO, gluten-free vegan - 25 servings - brew delicious matcha green tea latte.
  • Powerful Japanese + Indian superfood combination - Japanese matcha green tea powder for weight loss. Boosts energy, focus and metabolism. Rich with ecgc catechins. Turmeric curcumin powder has natural anti-inflammatory properties.
  • This brew delicious latte - 25 servings - brew 1 tsp in hot water and enjoy. For latte brew 2 tsp, add milk, sweetener and ice cubes to chill. Enjoy everyday and energize your body.
  • Imported from India.
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VAHDAM, Turmeric + Matcha Green Tea Powder - Powerful SUPERFOODS Blend Rich with Curcumin - Pure Japanese Matcha Powder…

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