• 100% USDA organic matcha - 100g (3.5 oz) Matcha green tea Powder in SGS certified sealable bag, with nothing added, rich of natural nutrition, antioxidants and vitamins..
  • Real culinary class matcha – NOT made of sencha or just green tea powder, this matcha is made of leaves close to the top ceremonial level, with less bitter but fresher taste..
  • Healthy and tasty diet – use this culinary matcha tea for bakery, latte, smoothie and other occasions for cooking, benefit from this healthy and tasty product..
  • Boost your focus – you can choose this matcha powder, totally green food, to replace coffee as a daily focus-boosting drink, mostly it’s more energizing and long-lasting than a same amount of coffee..
  • Money back guarantee – We are very conscious that for products like matcha, the best way to know the quality is by tasting it yourself. Thus we provide a 100% money back guarantee to ensure you that you can taste it with 0 risk: you can just send message us to ask for a refund, regardless any reason..
  • Imported from USA.
Size:100g (3.5oz) Matcha is one of the most valuable green tea product, made with complicated technics and under strict conditions, dedicated for aristocrats only in the past. This Zenato USDA organic culinary grade matcha green tea powder is made of leaves of second high level, only after those of top quality ceremonial class. However, it is ideal for making latte, smoothie, bakery and cooking. It taste fresh with a little natural bitter, which makes a great composition with milk, fruit juice or something a little sweet, providing a rich amount of nutrition and antioxidants while getting foods more tasty. What’s more, its taste will strengthen the feeling of sweet, which will let you consume less calories. Tips for consummation and storage - Matcha should be kept away from heat, moisture, light and air exposure, it’s suggested keeping it in your refrigerator and get it well-sealed. - As a kind of green tea without any additive, matcha doesn’t really “expire” quickly but its taste will downgrade through time especially when not well stored, thus we recommend consuming it within 2 - 3 months since the first opening. When outdated, you can still use it for bakery. - Overheating will damage the chlorophyll in matcha and make the beverage yellow, when you brew the product, it’s suggested to do only or first with cold water. It is recommended to pour some matcha powder after the bakery is done. - Matcha is milled premium tea leaves so they are not dissolvable, please whisk it and consume it before precipitating.

Zenato Matcha Green Tea Powder Culinary 100% USDA Organic , for Bakery, Latte, Smoothie, Ice Cream, 100g 3.5 oz Bag, Natural Antioxidants Benefits, Zero Additive and Sugar Free