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Metal Detector Accessories > Product: 105082324

Black Ada Metal Detector Accessories (Shovel Sandscoop Black)

Product Description

Lots of resistance and low weight - Manually with a lifetime warranty

Sand Scoop combines the properties of the blade and the filter, saving time and energy during the research of metals

Imported from UK

Size Name:Shovel Sandscoop Black

Black Ada Sandscoop digging shovel

Indispensable tool for sifting earth and sand.
Despite its low weight, this product is durable.
Sand scoop is a combination of shovel and sieve, this will
digging up the work of digging and searching in the sand and saving time.

Technical specifications:

● Size about 35 cm x 13 cm
● Weight about 540 grams
● Extra resistant rubberized grip
● perforated steel jacket for the seven
● Color: black sturdy paint