• ompletely hand-made, pre- treated fry Pan without any chemical coating and works as good as non-stick.
  • fry Pan are for making those Dal Tadka, idali chatani Tadaka, sambar tadaka.
  • How to Use kitchen shopee Iron Products : Wash well before use. Keep it dry after usage. After use, wash it well with warm soap, lemon, water or dish washing powder. Apply vegetable oil inside the Tawa / Pan / Kadhai and use paper towels to cover it until next use.
  • Imported from India.
Traditional cookware Go back to your roots, get on to a healthy lifestyle with cast iron cookware. Cast-iron construction heats slowly and evenly. Three health reasons to cook with cast iron cooking with cast iron fortifies your food with iron while cast iron doesn't leach chemicals, it can leach some iron into your food… Factory pre-seasoning is more durable than home seasoning. Assist handles for easier handling. While the skillet comes pre-seasoned to prevent food from sticking, it works best when sprayed or lightly coated with vegetable oil before use. The handle is made from heat resistant material that enables ease and convenience. Cooking food especially something acidic like tomato sauce in a cast-iron skillet can increase iron content, by as much as 20 times. Cast Iron is a Chemical-Free Alternative to Non-stick Pans Another benefit to using cast-iron pans in place of non-stick pans is that you avoid the harmful chemicals that are found in non-stick pans. Clean you cookware with soapy water using the sponge scrubber after each use to prevent oil deposition. Both regular and ceramic-coated cast-iron pans are great alternatives to non-stick pans for this reason. Clean you cookware with soapy water using the sponge scrubber after each use to prevent oil deposition

KITCHEN SHOPEE Iron Frying Pan, Black