• Mini 24ml Size, Soft Version (Medium, Extra Firm and Medium Size, Large Size available), Unique Ring Stem Design for Easy Removal, Cotton Bag Included.
  • Support your Vaginal PH Balance by avoiding Feminine Care products treated with bleach and other chemicals.
  • BPA Free Medical Grade Silicone imported from Germany, Manufactured at US FDA Approved Facility: rest assured our cups are safe and of highest quality!.
  • Tie-dye 24ml Capacity Small/Teen Soft Period Cup for Optimal Comfort. Please chose our Firmer or Larger Cups depending on your needs. If you feel you chose the wrong size or firmness, please kindly reach out to us and we will be glad to offer a free exchange!.
  • Economical, Environmentally Friendly compared to disposable Pads and Tampons, Reusable and Washable for Years.
  • Imported from USA.
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Mini - Soft - Menstrual Cup with Ring for Easy Removal - Small 24ml Low Cervix - 12 Hour No Spill Pad and Tampon Alternative - Medical Grade Silicone - Teen PEACHSWIRLCUP by Peachlife Inc