Leak-Proof Lunch Box for Women, Men, & Kids | Bento Box Adult Lunch Box Leakproof Containers – MUBOX – Dishwasher and Microwave Safe | Holds 1 Liter of Food, Comes With Stainless Steel Cutlery (Black)

Product Description

ECONOMIC & CONVENIENT BENTO BOX ~ Save money on lunch and easily bring home-cooked lunch anywhere you need to go: to the office, to school, college, on a trip, or for a picnic. Stores 1 liter of food, enough to last an entire day.

PERFECT LUNCH BOX FOR HOME COOKED HOT & COLD MEALS ~ freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe (up to 3 mins, great for reheating).

EXTRA STRAP + STAINLESS STEEL CUTLERY ~ MUBOX comes with both a black and a white strap AND stainless steel cutlery that conveniently stores in the roof of the bento box.

HANDY CONDIMENT CONTAINER ~ condiment container for dressings and other condiments. Easily keep ingredients separate and make your lunch even more delicious.

MADE FROM BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC ~ BPA Free, 100% Food Safe And Durable, yet good for the environment.

Imported from UK


Meet Your New Daily Companion - The MUBOX

MUBOX is a bento box, or adult lunch box, perfect for people who want to have the best of both worlds.

It is meant for daily use and allows you to bring great home-prepared meals that are far more economical and healthier
than eating out every day - with the practicality and fashion that comes from owning a genuine high-quality product
meant for modern-day use.

An Immensely Practical Bento Box

The MUBOX is meant first and foremost to be very practical and easy to use. It stores up to a liter of food and is
leak-proof to avoid any worries. It is also 100% freezer and dishwasher safe for your convenience.

Your MUBOX is also microwave-safe for up to 3 minutes, allowing you to reheat foods. You shouldn't try to cook foods in
your MUBOX, and always remove the lid before microwaving.

It also comes with a condiments container to store any extra condiments you'd like to have with your meal, as well as
stainless steel cutlery which conveniently fits in the lid of the MUBOX.

Bring Home-Prepared Meals To Work In Style!

MUBOX Bento Boxes are designed with a very contemporary style in mind to make you proud of bringing your lunch box with
you to work. You can either choose between the white and black version or the black and white version. And it almost
goes without saying, either one "goes with" practically any ensemble.

You also get two straps -- a white and a black one -- with each MUBOX so you can further customize it and have a backup
just in case.

Great Gift For Family And Friends!

They're going to love the stylish design which is both contemporary and modern - with the option of either the white or
black strap.

Give them the gift they will find most surprisingly helpful and useful for eating tasty home-cooked food on-the-go!

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