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What is junior high school but a strange, disorienting pastiche of black comedy, tragedy, soap opera, and
(most of all) horror movie? Well, that pretty much describes Todd Solondz's astonishingly honest and clear-sighted film,
Welcome to the Dollhouse. Like Solondz's even more controversial follow-up--the acclaimed and despised Happiness
(1998)--Dollhouse unflinchingly looks deep into its characters' souls (and their embarrassing desires, and their
floundering sexuality) in ways that can be simultaneously disturbing and liberating, appalling and hilarious. Dawn
Wiener (Heather Matarazzo) is a hapless seventh-grade geek whose cruel and contemptuous schoolmates have nicknamed her
(what else?) "Wiener Dog." Everything about Dawn is so awkward--the way she looks, talks, moves--that it's no wonder
other kids dump on her. They're most likely so insecure about themselves that they're terrified of the Wiener Dog they
know lurks somewhere down inside themselves, too. So, the best social and psychological survival tactic is to distance
themselves from Dawn by relentlessly reminding her of her "place" at the bottom of the junior-high pecking order.
Solondz's vision is hardly sentimental, and you wouldn't even call it "compassionate," but it is a moral vision:
authentic, undiluted, and, in the end, understanding. --Jim Emerson

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