Aaron Cast Iron Round Pan (Black) 8 inch

Product Description

Weight : 1.4kgs

Colour : Black

Material: Cast-Iron

Pre-Seasoned and Ready-to-use & Also Tough and durable.Food cooks evenly on cast iron.

Clean the pans thoroughly after cooking / Re-season the pan after use / Use the pans frequently

Imported from INDIA

Traditional cookwareGo back to your roots, get on to a healthy life style with cast iron cookware Practical design Every
product of ours has been for practical day to day use. We pay a lot of attention to its dimensions and weight. If it's
too light it would be easy to handle but then its heat retention would also be very less and food would get burnt soon.
If it's too heavy it would become difficult to handle and take longer to get heated initially. With all this in mind we
strike the right balance in design and we call it practical design. This product is ready to use. However it is quite
natural that will need to re-season again it over time. To help you do it, and we never use any chemicals in seasoning.
It is 100% natural and done with gingely oil and that too it's organic gingely oil. Manufactured with care.

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