• 3 Classic Chicago Essential Oil Remedies to Boost Health +FREE ebook,“Dealing with Stress Naturally”.
  • STRESS RELIEF Rapidly melt away Anxiety, Stress, Irritability to be Calm & Relax with a Positive uplifting mood.
  • HEADACHE RELIEF for Migraine, Tension, Sinus or Stress Headaches, Relieve mild nausea, Regain healthy balance and Minimize taking risky pills.
  • FATIGUE BUSTER Overcome Fatigue while Boosting energy, focus, concentration and memory; Stay Alert without getting wired or later lows often caused by caffeine or other stimulants.
  • Small Glass Leakproof Roll-on Bottles for Each Blend -Use Anywhere 200+ Times -90 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Imported from USA.
Nutravana 'Remedy Trio': Relieve Stress, Headache and Fatigue by Tedd Neenan, Aromatherapist These three Classic Aromatherapy Remedies have received high acclaim at our Chicago Aroma Workshop for over 20 years SAFE, HOLISTIC, NATURAL - EFFECTIVE We use only the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils blended to achieve remarkable results very safely as natural remedies. You inhale and apply them topically to the skin without the need to ingest medication that doctors and the FDA warn carry known risks to internal organs1) Stress Relief "Peace of Mind in a bottle" Melts away worries and retrieves peace of mind using four premium ingredients in a travel size rollerball to give you a break from day to day stress. It promotes calm along with support for an uplifted mood - encouraging a sense of more balanced health and centered grounding 2) Headache Relief "Headache relief is just a touch away." Formulated to avoid or soothe migraines or headaches before they can form, Lavender, Peppermint and Spearmint also calm and soothe irritated sinuses and nausea leaving the skin cool with a mild tingling sensation 3) Fatigue-Buster "Energy and Memory Boost" Refreshing Lemon and energizing Basil clear away the cobwebs as Rosemary goes to work on enhancing memory. Enhances concentration and performance without the risk of taking stimulants orally. Uses 3 essential oils well known to enhance mood, support attaining focus and mental clarity while boosting your energy. Use it as a good to de-stress when there is still work to be done Each drug-free natural Aromatherapy Formula is delivered in a medium of fractionated Coconut Oil in travel size ready to use, pre-diluted rollers to allow direct application of essential oils to the skin without harm 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee means you can try it for 90 days and love it, or return it, with no questions asked