Product: 1141305

Giro 2012 Mens Code Mountain Bike Shoes (Black - 46)

Product Description

Claimed Weight: 355 g

Upper Material: Teijin lightweight microfiber

Recommended Use: mountain biking

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

Tread: yes, replaceable cleats available

Imported from USA

The code is key. Get the code and you can unlock the secret of performance, a pursuit of many a cyclist. Is it a cipher
or a shoe? In this case, the Code is the Giro shoe that Levi Leipheimer, sometimes known as a pro roadie who has
finished on the podium of a few Grand Tours, literally took out of the box and on his first ride in them won the
Leadville 100 mountain bike race, setting the course record and beating the reigning national mountain bike champ in the
process. Pretty impressive performance. And the Code is an impressive shoe, whether or not a Giro-sponsored rider fresh
off the Tour de France can destroy a field of pro mountain bikers on his virgin ride with their mountain bike shoes. The
first big thing about Giro shoes is that they fit great regardless of who wears them. Like their road shoes, Giro went
through 16 iterations before they found the last, aka foot form, they wanted to use to design the shoe around. This last
has to accommodate for a wide range of feet, accounting for variations in volume, heel width, arch height, toe length,
and so on. Shoe makers pretty much have one shot at designing a good last, the first one is what they'll be stuck with
pretty much forever, so it needs to be good. Nailing the last is a great first, but any shoe also has to allow for the
upper to be adjusted; the material and the straps have to account for differences small and large from foot to foot to
foot. Here, too, Giro has done a stellar job. You can see it from the deep, but not too constructed, heel cup. You can
see it in the shape of the top strap and two-position buckle. You can see it in the middle strap that goes across the
mid-foot to keep it from moving, eliminating pressure on the metatarsal bones by pulling equally from a large swath of
fabric on the inside of the foot; when you pull on the Velcro, the entire panel becomes the strap. The bottom strap
takes up any loose space in the forefoot and the toe box design means that there is a wide range o...