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Blue Lightning 79098 Residental Magnesium Flexible Anode Rod, Hex Plug, 44-Inch

Product Description

Flexible design for tight areas

Made from magnesium to provide a healthy solution to your needs

Anode rod is expected to provide over two years of corrosion protection

Extend the life of your water heater with this design

Imported from USA

Blue Lightning magnesium flexible anode rods, hex plug, 44-inch ( four sections) our new innovative 79098 of anode rod
fits into any tight spot you may find yourself faced with. This anode rod is also made from magnesium rather than
aluminum to ensure that you avoid any potential unhealthy side effects from aluminum by-products. Magnesium can actually
improve your health by aiding in blood and heart disorders. It is also useful in lowering anxiety, relieving menstrual
cramps, counter acting adhd, strengthening bones, and a long list of other advantages. Unless you want to replace your
entire water heater you are going to have to replace your anode rod at one point or another. Blue Lightning anode rods
provide you with the best solution to your needs by providing a reliable product that ensures optimal water quality.