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Set of 2 BBQ / Grill Basting Brushes – 12" & 7.5" Stainless Steel Handle With Silicone Bristles

Product Description

1 x 12" & 7.5" stainless steel handled basting brushes with silicone bristles!

High quality, nonporous and non clump silicone bristles! Don't buy cheap natural fibre basting brushes that clump up after 1 use!

Heat resistant silicone bristles can withstand temperatures of up to 600°F! Don't expose to an open flame!

Easy to clean silicone bristles! Just rinse under hot water!

Premium product backed by 1 year no quibble guarantee, click the add to cart button now to have burn free basting hands for life!

Imported from USA

You love grilling but you can't stand dried out boring meat?

You want some sauce on those chops, right buddy? Some schlop on that steak and some marinade on that chicken? Hell, Mr
Grill knows what's what. That's why we produced this premium quality stainless steel basting brush.

You wanna be able to baste whilst your meat is still on the grill?

- Mr Grills brush is 12" long so your precious fingers aint nowhere near those flames.

You want juicy meat but you don't wanna look like a bitch with some cheap ass plastic brush?

- Mr Grills premium quality stainless steel basting brush looks pimpin and does the job with ease.

But why would i want a silicone brush?

- Damn son, the unique bristle design and heat resistant property (up to 600°F) means you can use this for all sorts of
things: spread butter in a hot pan, apply oil to pastries and apply marinades without fear of the brush clogging up.

Mr G, my last plastic basting brush fell apart after two uses, will yours?

- Mr Grill only makes bad ass products that stand up to the test. That's why everything is backed with our one year

But, Mr G, is there anything else i need?

- Of course there is. You'll need marinade you damn fool. Thankfully we've got you covered there too. We'll send you 3
sweet ass recipes after you receive your brush. That's how much we loves ya...

--- 1 Year Guarantee ---

You want a basting brush that lasts right? Don't mess around and buy from the best, Mr Grill personally guarantees his
brushes will last at least year.

If you're fed up with the crappy basting brush you're currently using, just click the add to cart button up top and join
the Mr Grill family today.