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Fury G.I. Style Aluminum Canteen with Cup and Cover, 1 Quart

Product Description

Just like those worn by American GIs for most of the 20th century.

Includes lined Olive Drab Cover and Belt hooks

Chain keeps cap from getting lost

Holds one quart

Imported from USA

The Mustang G.I. Aluminium 1 qt Canteen with Aluminum Cup, Olive Drab Nylon Cover with Pocket is manufactured by Joy
Enterprises the owners of Fury, Fury Tactical and Mustang products and the importer of Muela of Spain. With production
in the USA, Europe and Asia, Joy has been providing high-quality, valued priced products since 1941. Many of our
products are proprietary designs (often copied) and others inspired by classic survival/defensive tools and edged
weapons. Joy is proud to offer a limited lifetime warranty on all products. Enjoy and be careful.