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Product Description

Safety valve stem: No more being poked with one of those long metal stems from the old days

UV protected/tear resistant: These inner tubes are UV protected so the sun won't harm the tube and cause it to deflate prematurely

Proper inflation: be sure to properly inflate this inner tube to the full 40" outside diameter for best results

Good old fashion fun: amp up the fun factor, good for every season

Imported from USA

These tubes are not for everyone however, they are for the adventurous & experienced tubers. Summer floating in a lake,
rushing down a river or lounging in a pool. These tubes are perfect for hard play or relaxation winter snow tubing in
your back yard, off trail or the local sled hill. These are not wimpy tubes that pop; they are the real thing, durable &
tough protected valve stem small rubber safety valve cap protects from pokes & scrapes summer tubing tips be sure to
inflate inner tube to proper size for better floating experience. Covers are not required but do add protection from
scrapping on river or lake debris to inflate once tube can stand, use the start/stop method; fill with small burst of
air then stop air flow, continue until full size is reached. This keeps the tube round. The tubes outer diameter
increases the center hole decreases. Tube must be firm to the touch. Under-inflated tubes won't float well to deflate
use a valve tool (sold at auto stores) to remove the valve core. Re-insert core; seat it tightly to avoid leaks tube
sizing small: 32"fits 120 lbs. or less. Medium: 36" 120-150 lbs. Large: 40" fits 120-175 lb., X large: 45" fits
individuals up to 280 lbs. our largest 68" tube is for fun on a lake.