• The PL11B Digital Scale will accurately weigh a wide range of items such as: Food, Coins, Jewelry, Gold Or Silver And Postal objects.
  • Its large visible display is large in size to make it easy to read in different angles. An elegant tempered glass platform will add flare to your room. The Platform Easily Wipes Clean Too!.
  • Constructed with rugged and tough material, this scale is guaranteed to be extremely durable and long lasting.
  • Weigh to a maximum capacity of 11lb / 5kg with readabilities of 1 gram, also features a mechanical 1-Minute auto Shut-Off.
  • Featuring 3 different weighing modes of g / lb / oz. Automatic TARE function for net weight determination and 2 Easy touch buttons with tactile and click confirmation.
  • Imported from USA.
Smart Weigh Versatile Digital Scale – PL11B Description: The PL11B is a perfect Versatile Digital Scale for precious weighing for all kind of items or objects such as food, coins, jewelry, gold, silver, or postal products. It has a capacity of up to 5000g / 11lb and professional accuracy of 1g / 0.1oz. What makes this versatile digital scale so convenient to use is because it sets 4 different modes of measurement (g, lb, oz, ml) to meet different needs. It is small and convenient to use. It has an elegant and advanced glass weighing platform and it is easy to clean. Tips & Care: Prior to using your scale for the first time, remove the plastic insulation strips from the battery compartment. Place scale on a flat level surface, press ON/OFF key to turn on the scale, wait until “0” (zero) is displayed, you are ready to weigh. Place the object(s) on the weighing platform; wait a few seconds for the display to stabilize before taking a weight reading. Functions: Tare key, which allows you to subtract the weight of an empty container / tray or box for net weighing determination. Mode key, which allows you to change the measurement unit from grams to ounces to pennyweight to troy ounces. What’s in the box: Digital Scale User Manual 1 CR2032 Battery