• Heat Resistant Cotton, Foam Backed.
  • Cover materials allow steam to pass through.
  • Gray and White Stripe.
  • Secured By Elastic Band.
  • Designed to fit wall mounted ironing boards that measure 37 3/8" long by 11 7/8" wide.
  • Imported from USA.
Replace that worn out, scorched ironing board cover with a new heat-resistant natural cotton, foam backed cover. The cover is finished in an attractive diagonal white and gray stripped pattern and will allow steam to pass through. This Ironing Board Cover will fit ironing boards 37 3/8" long by 11 7/8" wide. HPG Ltd. Lifetime Service Policy WHAT IS COVERED? This Ltd. Lifetime Policy covers manufacturing defects in the product you purchased directly from Homeplace Group Inc. In cases of multiple pieces, replacement of one piece does not automatically constitute the replacement of the other piece or pieces/unit. This limited policy is provided to the original purchaser. Product must be clean, and free of any stains or damage as stains and/or damage will void the policy. HOW LONG IS THE COVERAGE PERIOD? The Ltd. service policy runs from the original date of purchase. Repair or replacement of the product, does not extend its limited policy or begin a new limited policy period. WHAT WILL WE DO? If your purchased product fails due to a manufacturing defect, HOMEPLACE GROUP, Inc. will repair the product. HOMEPLACE GROUP, Inc. reserves the right to substitute materials or models of comparable quality and does not guarantee that the item of the replacement will match the existing piece. Transportation charges are the responsibility of the consumer, along with a Policy Service Fee (PSF) HOW CAN I GET SERVICE? To email your clear images of the issue go to the Homeplace Group's storefront for our contact information. Then you will receive information on the next steps and/or additional information on this policy.