• Antenna length: collapsed 7" - fully extended 26".
  • This item ANT32 is an original Trademarked product of Scanner World USA, which is only available when ordered direct from Scanner World USA. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEIT PRODUCTS SOLD BY OTHER VENDORS..
  • Uniden Bearcat back of scanner telescopic antenna for use with base or mobile scanners that have a Motorola type connector for models listed below. ANT32 covers all frequency bands 25 - 1200 MHz..
  • This telescopic antenna connects in the back of the following models of Uniden Bearcat Base and Mobile Scanners shown below in the Motorola type antenna jack..
  • Imported from USA.
This telescopic antenna connects in the back of the following models of Uniden Bearcat Base and Mobile Scanners in the Motorola type antenna jack. Bearcat I, Bearcat II, Bearcat III, BCIII, BC3; BCA, BC3-L, BC3-H, BC3-U, BC3-L/H, BC3-L/U, BC3-H/U, Bearcat IV, BCIV, BC4, Bearcat 5, BC5, Bearcat 5/800, Bearcat 6, BC6, Bearcat 8, BC8, Bearcat 12, BC12 Bearcat 17, BC17PTL, Bearcat 15 (10 channel crystal base scanner), Bearcat 101, BC101, Bearcat 140, BC140, Bearcat 142XL, BC142XL, Bearcat 144XL, BC144XL, Bearcat 145XL, BC145XL, Bearcat 147XLT, BC147XLT, Bearcat 147XLT-1, BC147XLT-1, Bearcat 148XLT, BC148XLT, Bearcat 148XLT-1, BC148XLT-1, Bearcat 150 (base scanner), Bearcat 160, BC160, Bearcat 170, BC170, Bearcat 172XL, BC172XL, Bearcat 172XLT, BC172XLT, Bearcat 175XL, BC175XL, Bearcat 177XLT, BC177XLT, Bearcat 178XLT, BC178XLT, Bearcat 180 (base scanner), Bearcat 200 (base scanner), Bearcat 201, BC201, Bearcat 210, BC210, BC210XL, BC210XLT, BC210XW, Bearcat 20/20, Bearcat 220, BC220 (base scanner), Bearcat 211, BC211, Bearcat 244, BC244CLT, Bearcat 250, BC250 (base scanner), Bearcat 250XL, BC250XL (base scanner), Bearcat 300, BC300, Bearcat 400XLT, BC400XLT, Bearcat 560XLT, BC560XLT, Bearcat 800XLT, BC800XLT, Cobra SR900, SR901, SR925, Montgomery Ward GED836A, GED-836A, GED838A, GED-838A, GED845, GED-845, Scanner World BC400XLT. If your scanner model is not shown above, please send a question through the CONTACT page. Uniden, Electra Bearcat, Cobra, Montgomery Ward Radio Scanners, some Regency, Realistic, Radio Shack scanners have used this type of Motorola type connectors in the past. Also known as AT49, AT-49, AT183, AT-183, BATY0419001, Banana jack style. NOT ALL SCANNERS HAVE THE SAME ANTENNA CONNECTOR. MAKE SURE THAT THE PICTURE OF THIS ANTENNA MATCHES THE TYPE YOU NEED BEFORE PLACING ORDER.

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