• HIGH/LOW FREQUENCY FILTER: Features low-frequency filter to eliminate rumble of turntable/other undesirable low-frequency noise and to minimize distortion from warped record, and high-frequency filter to reduce/eliminate scratch noise of record.
  • SOURCE SELECTOR: phono pre amp is equipped w/ independent source selectors including tape to playback signal of the connected tape deck, tuner for AM FM tuner signal, CD for CD player, PHONO for turntable, and AUX for other connected devices.
  • FRONT CONTROL PANEL: The stereo control pre-amplifier has front panel control center w/ ON/OFF switch w/ LED indicator, mic in w/ level control, bass/mid range/treble/loudness/balance/ master volume rotary control to easily balance audio levels.
  • MICROPHONE JACK: The pre amp is equipped w/ microphone input jack w/ level control in the front panel to easily record vocals. It also has stereo/mono switch to select from stereo or mono input signal and muting switch to reduce level by 20dB.
  • AC SELECTOR: Slide the AC source selector switch to choose the type of ac source between 110V and 220V. It also has a fuse holder that contains an AC primary fuse. Measures 19"W x 2.375"H x 8.5"D and has a rack mount design for easy installation.
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  • Imported from USA.
Pyramid Model : PR2500 ----------------------------- Stereo Control Pre-Amplifiers -----------------------------* Power On/Off Switch w/LED Indicator * Microphone Input Jack * Microphone Level Control * Bass/Midrange/Treble/Loudness/Balance Control * Master Volume Control * Low Frequency Filter * Stereo/Mono Switch * Tape PLAY and REC Output RCA Jacks * Muting Switch * Input Source Selector * Tuner/CD/Aux/Phono Input RCA Jacks * Tape Monitor Switch * 110/220 Voltage Switchable * Rack Mount Design * Dimensions: 19''W x 2.375''H x 8.5''D

Mono Stereo Preamplifier Home Audio - Rack Mount Preamp For Turntable Phono, Tape Record/Player To Amplifiers/Sound Systems - Stereo Pre Amp W/ Microphone/Tuner/CD/AUX/Phono Input RCA - Pyramid PR2500

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